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It’s nearly here. Been working my ass off to get things ready for the team. Managing/working with new sponsors, hosting weekly practices, designing kits, working towards throwing a few events. I need more time to ride my bike!

We approved this from jakroo and are going into production tomorrow:

Season is starting for us at CrossReno.

Not enough time. I should start running soon.


I haven’t done a single cross race this year for the first time in 8 years. It’s getting harder to get up in the cold and the wet on a sunday so the guys that organise it deserve massive credit. We have got some new blood in the organising crew this year which has been great for our local series, and a very real chance to win a new Wheelset and a custom built bike for anyone that fronts to the final.

What are you guys paying for event entry over there? We are 15$ online or 20$ on the day. Running is a great way to short-cut the lack of training IMHO.
Great looking kit !

Wild kit–love it.
After relocating I find myself with no CX team responsibilities whatsoever, and it’s kind of a relief. So much graphic design and weirdness planning. Hopefully I’ll race a couple of times this year to keep it in my blood and come back refreshed next year.

Around the sw, entries are around $30/40 + $10 for each additional race.

The problem we’re now facing is park usage fees that are 5-10x what other promoters are paying in neighboring Utah, who are are partnered up with for a series.

That’s a bummer. I’m not sure what the deal is here. I do know they must have had some criticism this year on the damage, as they have actually been laying down carpet on some sections where they are cutting into the stop-bank badly.

Know anybody with a shit load of private property?


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i am planning on racing many times this year
i put gears on my cross bike for the first time since 2011 so i’m prepared for a rash of mechanicals and other frustrations

Signed up for a race tomorrow. It’s a Thursday series of 5 races after work, I race at 5:15 pm. I haven’t raced cross in about 10 years. I haven’t ridden much either. Do the kids still say YOLO?

Starting bike build now, 9:58pm night before the race.

Begin: Novara Randonee, been in storage in this state for a while.


I’ve done this before, build/fix bike before big ride, in the PM. I always end up fatigued in the morning.

Oh yeah, fatigue cometh. I made sure to tell a bunch of people I would be racing, to help keep myself from backing out. Working so far!

All-black partsbin build is a no-go. New theme is: mismatchy bs that functions.

Cranks, brakes, bars installed. Huzzah! I found a 28.6 clamp pusher, so I can go 2x10 (not 1x).


first races this weekend which coincidentally happen to be the biggest and best-produced races in the region all season.
forecast is 65 freedom degrees and sunny which is optimal as i suck in the heat
first time racing with gears since roughly 2011 so i am very excited


23.6 lbs as pictured.
I’ve owned this frame for quite a while, nice to have it back together. Assuming racing goes well, I’ll probably try to at least paint it in the near future.


go jimmy go
I love the many lives of that frame

Crosspost from PYB. Pitifully undergeared cuz overweight and slow. eff MASH and Cinelli but I do love this monstrosity of a bike.
My first race in Iowa coming up this weekend and I have no idea what kind of terrain to expect.
Gotta do something before Jingle at least…

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I raced clydesdale/cat 5. Only managed 2 laps (most folks did at least 3), I was close to making the cutoff but not quite. Good lord am I out of shape!

It was a fun race, very motivating to get better. Course was super dusty/dry and most of the corners were chewed all up and VERY loose with about 3" of dust/dirt over hard below. Some grass, but those areas were under pine trees so also had to ride over/through lots of fist sized pine cones, which was also a challenge at times. Smoke from fires was annoying too.

Single track was fun. Run up 5x RR tie stairs was fine, saw several of the CAT1/2s riding them. 3x barries, one giant long sand trap (unrideable unless on fat bike, sand was consistency of flour, and you sank into it like quicksand).

By the end my nose was full of dry dust, and my spit was the consistency of elmers glue. Definitely will be carrying a water bottle next time.

Stealth brag: During my warmup lap I raised the saddle and slid it forward, tilted the bars up a bit, lowered tire pressure, and used the barrel adjusters on the brakes. Shifting and everything else I didn’t touch, which I feel is pretty good considering the warm up was the first time I rode it ever (didn’t even test ride the night of the build).


I’m gonna try to do a detailed cleaning of my bikes this weekend. Also want to plasti dip my silver cranks on the ss black.

Nice work, JTF!

Our first race (today) was cancelled due to sloppy conditions deemed unfit for destruction by the Parks Department. I’ve been waiting half the year for this moment, but I’ll have to wait one more day for the race on Sunday.

Instead I did an alleycat yesterday and slid out riding off-camber down a hill and my whole front was instantly covered in mud, so I guess I can see why they didn’t want us racing in the park.

I have two bandit cross locations scouted where property destruction shouldn’t be an issue. Now I just have to find the motivation to actually get them organized.

I guess Trek CXC has THREE flyovers this year.

2x new freewheels on the SS bike. The old ones were frozen on after riding hard and putting away wet. I even remembered to put the one I use most on the side that has the tire facing in the right direction.

Chopped the steer tube and flipped the stem. No more rustystack.

New chain.

Adjusted brakes with help from Seth.

Ready to lose some cross races!

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