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Really enjoyed both races. Making me excited to see if they can do something special in the classics.

Steady power to win the WC, it appears.
Solid battle for the women. Puck only one to hop the barriers, which do look a bit taller than most of them this season.
That off-camber leading to the road didn’t look as treacherous as it has in years past.

Okay, I know i wasn’t cool enough to be into this Belgian Shania Twain hit from 2011, but sup was stoked and started singing along when she walked into the room.

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Laaaaaarrrr… oops

Oh, nevermind.

Holy smoke the pro season is starting off awesome. Men’s races being hotly contested on the last lap and women’s races with a standout leader who will be forcing other racers to up their game.

A little bummed that Lars is obviously being relegated to a supporting role. He seems to be blowing himself up to get Nys into a winning position.

Yesterday’s men’s race was wild. Women’s a bit sealed off.
Was stoked to see a strong Lars. Maybe nys crashes out early and Lars gets to be Lars (hopefully on a course that fits him).

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Is there a way to watch replays easy?

GCN, if you have it, or

I pay for Flo and GCN+ like a sucker.

Totally. He’s such a great climber. These last two euro races have been very climby and I feel like he could have taken a win if he wasn’t under orders to tire out the rest of the field.

Semi-spoiler: the place where Nys crashed near the end this weekend, was that the same place that Stybar crashed in the world championship like 15 years ago where Sven was right behind him? Sven dismounted and basically jumped over Stybar to get ahead.

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Interesting historical bit!
Kid went in HAM and got served for it. Seemed like he was a bit over the limit going into that last 1/4 of the lap.

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I looked and I don’t think it is. I thought I recognized the root.

Finally found the footage. Happens at about 0:53.


Everything looked so different back then.

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The announcers were certainly much better.

did cyclocross today. i need to get a bike with gears, the singlespeed fields are always too small so i’ve been racing the cat 3 geared races on my SS.

new course, pretty fun but very bumpy in that new course kinda way. in a small town, hosted at the volunteer fire department. to get to the bathroom you walked right by the bingo table which was adorably ancient.

not sure how i finished, but it was wet and slippery and cold and fun