cutters(regional pride)

watching the tdf always makes me think about “breaking away” for some reason. if you had to name your team based on regional themes what would it be? here in raleigh it would have to be something like " medical researchers", or " whole hog smokers". i’m leaning towards the latter. so what’s up with your hood?

Only all the mills are closed now.

The title made me expect this, not some weird crap about TDF.



or idiots.


SUV Drivers

“legitimate” businessmen

The Bros


The title made me expect this, not some weird crap about TDF.[/quote]

I know right… I was expecting it too… I thought maybe there was a regional chapter or something… what a let down :colbert:

are you in Jersey or something?

are you in Jersey or something?[/quote]

im from jersey and i dont get this


shipmates…its a big navy town.



And don’t forget the Grommets! The beach is full of them, all the way back to Witchduck.

Like Buddy Scianci?

drugged-out or drunk shady-ass douche bags with a sprinkle of decent people. that would be the team name. when you see them arrive, youll say, “ah, i get it.”