Cycling Computer recommendations

This Tour De Tarck business has spiked my interest in acquiring one.

Best bang for the buck/what do you all have and how you like it?

Just get a cheap Cateye.

I got a strada wireless for about $30 off ebay. Works fine except every week or so it will record the maximum speed as some ridiculous number above 60mph. I never knew I was that fast. Other then that I love it.

The strada’s are designed to be simple, useful and generally idiotproof. The only thing I don’t like about mine is sometimes it doesn’t change screens the first time I click the button. And it only has an automatic setting, so it doesn’t count time while you’re stopped at a light or something. And it displays the speed big and everything else small with no other options. And there are two distance records, but only one time record (so you can’t time yourself climbing a hill in the middle of a longer ride that you also want to time).

Other than that it’s great.

Oh, it also comes in white so it will match your saddle. Somehow I think it’s ok for a fixie to have a computer as long as it’s white.

my saddle’s brown, and its going on my SS commuter. good info though dude, thanks!

don’t get a Serfas Level X.

Get a cateye.

I can’t figure out how to turn off either of my computers off (one specialized, one cateye)… haha

i have a cateye, but lost the back that the computer slides into.
anyone want to point me in the right direction?

Does that mean you lost the whole sensor/cable, too? Since usually that is connected to the back part, right?

I lied, it’s a Trek Incite 8i, I don’t know why I thought it was CatEye. It’s wireless, I’m just missing the plastic piece that the computer clips into when mounted.

Find a Trek dealing LBS and ask them to order one for you. I use a cheap ass sigma. All the basics; the only thing I wish it had was cadence, but it seems that’s a pretty big price jump. Works just great for what it is.

knog n.e.r.d.
i got one from interbike and i love the thing. comes in a 2 bike model so you can switch it from your commuter to your weekend warrior

Seriously, do these things ever turn off?

lol. I forgot to reply to this. No. At least mine doesn’t. It always at least displays the time.

yeah, mine diplays time when it’s off.

But there is an “off” like, you hit a certain button and most of the display disappears? I have two that I’ve looked around online for directions, but had to figure out for myself. And it always shows 0mph, distance, etc…

Mine doesn’t have an off, it just goes in to stand-by if it hasn’t passed the sensor in a while.

Oh, okay, maybe my problem is they sit in a dark garage, and I roll them outside to mess with them, so it turns on because of that.