Cycling underwear?

I was hoping someone could point me in a direction to get something similar to cycling shorts to wear under regular jeans or shorts. Any experience with products like these?


just use cycling shorts underneath. ... id=1229400 ... id=1229383 ... p?id=21426

The pictures in those links make me feel funny in my chamois area.

no homo.

american apparel briefs

commando in skinny jeans.

Just get cycling shorts. Why get something like them when you can just get cycling shorts? I wouldn’t wear high priced ones under jeans as they will likely wear fairly quickly.

[quote=“bold”]commando in skinny jeans.


Hanes briefs. I need some more mine are getting all stretched out because of my ‘gift’.

Just wear cycling shorts under your jeans.

Except don’t wear jeans!

Under Armour compression shorts.

I wear them under my jeans when I ride and under my running shorts when I run. ... 000026-020


just get really really short cargos with a built in chamois

I’ve thought about it and I want to change my answer to this.

I like how only one person answered my initial question at all.


We’re here to help.

agreed! this is usually how i roll, or the cycling shorts underneath thing.

[quote=“snortcrank”]I like how only one person answered my initial question at all.


Fuck Dude! I cant get a straight answer about some stupid shit that is REALLY important to me on this inside joke forum that formed when a bunch of dudes got banned from another forum for being dicks! what is this fucking world coming to???

If only I was comfortable enough with my manliness to wear “bike shorts” instead of trying some stupid, uncomfortable shit to cover up the fact that Im a cyclist[/quote]

wear cycling shorts under dickies or cutoffs. lots of us do it.

If you’re just doing short distances/daily commutes, grab some cheaper shorts. I picked up some cheap Castellis from steepandcheap fairly so I’m not out too much if they wear out quickly from daily washing or friction from wearing them under shorts.