d00dz, sram rival

im putting the 09 rival shifters and derailleurs on my bike now. roomate rode them for a day and decided to stick with his da.

so, brake lines and position are set up, all thats left is derailleur cables, because roomate sucks and frayed the shit out of them, so I had to get new ones. these things are next to impossible to get back in the shifter. anyone done this before? I just cant get the cable to go around the turn inside the shifter. called sram and some chick on the phone said ‘‘well they should just slide right through (very hesitantly)’’ Well they aren’t.

anyone got an idea. might just go to a shop, but its pouring outside now id rather not.


I just slide mine in… straight shot. There was no turning or curving.

I have 08 rival though.

pics of the predicament? psosibly pre “kind-of” bending the cable so it makes the turn easier? butter?

i dont think i can get a picture of this really

if you want to check out the 09 video for sram installament, here it is: http://willyoumaketheleap.com/ go to -service- up top, then the -controls- video

they always come preinstalled with both cables but the roomie fucked them up, and the way it works is where you see him pop the head of the cable out, it goes under the shifter then around and back out the top. my cable keeps hitting a spring I cant seem to get out of the way for anything, and just wont bend up. tried curving the cable a little bit but I dont want to fray it.

This for the shifter cable?

Maybe I fucked mine up but Theres a hole on the inside under the hood. I pushed the cable in there and it slide out the back / side.

Side question: Are the 09 rival shifter levers carbon?

Shifters not lining up I bet. “Shift” it if you can down to what would be the smallest cog, then run your cable.

yea i did all this. does. not. compute.

the levers are carbon, the internal mechs. no

Ben, these are ALWAYS a pain in the ass. It helps to remove those three little screws and take the cover off the side of the shifter. Then take the end of the cable and bend it a bit to give it a bit of a curve over the first 3cm. That will make it easier to slide through the shifter body and having the cover off makes it easier to see if the tip is actually going into the shifter body correctly. This will still require some cussing though…

Yeah, this always takes FOREVER. I think I figured out that certain cables are manufactured a few micro-millimeters larger in diameter than others, and those cables won’t fit through. I actually pulled apart the frayed end of one and counted a few more individual strands than on the ones that fit in my Rival shifters.

i screamed ‘baby bitch’ at jim beckmann 3 times and actually got the left shifter through. this took alot of patience and is something i never want to do again. now the right…

Brifters are a sonuvabitch.
Land shark is getting down tubes, I love them shits too much.

i swear if my paramount didnt suck balls on the road and wasnt heavy i would race it. i love the dt shiting

just take em off, take off the guides and use the bosses to mount downtube shifters.
hoo ah! your good to go, I’m thinking about racing this spring on tubulars and an 80’s landshark with dt shifters and moustache bars for collegiate club.

im sayin the paramount does have dt shifters. it just handles like shit.

Stick with the rival. You’ll love it once its set.

getting the shifting set today by a shop. got the cables run through. it is obviously not shimano and i need someone else to set the derailleurs. springs are crazy.