dallas macaframa premiere 1/28

This Wednesday the 28th of Jan they are hosting a FREE screening of Macaframa at the Angelica Theater in Mockingbird station. Show starts at 7:30. Here is some more information:

http://www.gotocentre.com/blog/2009/01/ ... s-premier/

Any news on a Houston showing? I’d hate to have to bike to Dallas.

Or any news on showings in other towns across the country?

+1. I’m hoping they at least come to or near Portland, if they haven’t yet.

I’m working on it.

looks like we all found out about this at the same time. someone beat me to it on FFW too.

i love it that im only 2.5 miles from the theatre.

I’m working on it.[/quote]

Hurry your as up!! Plan it for after a Critical Mass, it’ll be a great spot to ride to after.

if anyone knows danial garza, call and tell him the dvd is at his house.
i cant get ahold of him, i only have his home phone number



I would go to this if it was friday.

you could do it if you left now.

several times ive left for austin from fort worth at 6pm for shows and drove back after the show and still went to school/work the next day

dont forget to go

I went. Good attendance. Didnt see any tarck motha effas though.

i wanna see a film premier of people riding bikes with other likeminded individuals but why is this not in nyc does anyone even care about other cities

we even have an angelika what the fuck is this shit

Um, it already showed in NYC. Bike Snob even had a whole post dedicated to it.

The place was full. That was great. It was like watching a bunch of youtube videos in a row, but I enjoyed it. very well done I thought. Its only an hour long but that’s really all you need when its just dudes riding down hills. Keo’s part was the best.

Dave coulier I didn’t see you either but I wasn’t looking and I forgot what you looked like til now. I think I rode by your place a couple nights ago, if you actually do live on lyte street.

After the movie I thought there would be a big awesome ride but everyone disbanded. I was hearing that a lot of Austin people came up, but still…there had to be at least 40 bikes there. I stuck around and ended up riding for a while with some kickitwithable dudes. The group dwindled down to 4 including me and 2 of them work for one of my best friends who owns a vegan restaurant here so that was cool. Later we were in the parking garage and this crazy old Irish guy wanted to take pictures of us because it was out of the ordinary to see bikes there he said. So we let him, then one of the guys pulls out a dslr and makes the guy pose with all our bikes… And then with the rest of us around him. He totally got himself into it. That whole thing was pretty amusing and I can’t really describe it accurately. I’ll get ahold of the pictures at some point and post them.

Now I’m sitting at the balcony club hearing some jazz, sipping on some makers and warming up. I couldn’t move my fingers after a while. Gotta get some full fingered gloves. That was ridiculous. Can’t wait to go to get home.

update: we have a front and back door. both have deadbolts. both deadbolts were engaged. im so glad my roommate was still up and answered her phone.