Dammit: Post your bike

Here’s this dumb thing.


Hell yeah. Put some pegs on it


What sizes you got and for what kinda rides?

do you think they would compare favorably for people used to traditional bend bars?

the hardmounted aerobar integration seems pretty compelling

I’d recommend starting here:


I was carving my CX bike around the park when this photo was taken.


This is true. I disappointed Scrub in the most heinous of ways today so we rode around Redmond and he pointed out cool stuff while I tried to politely not die.


One day last year at the bike park there was a guy riding with a 50% disintegrated Integrity shirt. I told him I liked it, we chatted a bit and he said that one of the guys used to tattoo him in Poughkeepsie, NY. Which was confusing to me because I didn’t know they had any connection to that general region (and potentially do not). Anyway, I was trying to figure this out and came upon this reddit thread (trigger warning:reddit, stupid hardcore beefs): Reddit - Dive into anything


Is this the Danny Diablo story?

The 700c unknown i23?? carbon ones have the 40mm Getaways. These were the wheels on the Norco. No idea on the OEM but HLC was selling them as Eclypse. I beat the shit out of them and the are scrached to hell but no cracks.

The 650b wheels are some DT XM carbon hookless rims laced to Raketa with Conti Terra Hardback 50mm

The dynamo set has a SON and a 350 laced to Light Bicycle Falcon Pro 42. These had 32mm GP5k on them for some stuff, but I’ll probably put a tad wider Strada Bianca 36 on for the fall/winter when I go back to all dynamo-all the time.

Maybe? They are not too shallow the way the FSA branded stuff is and the drops have a nifty little angle to them that is pleasing. You don’t know til you know tho.


I feel like 99% of the people involved in both of those scenes were complete garbage humans then. Dwid seems like he mellowed out quite a bit and from what I can tell is a pretty reasonable human. Go find some current interviews with the other guy… yeesh.

But whatever… Integrity is the shit. I agree with @viggen that Humanity is the Devil is a good place to start. But Systems Overload, Seasons In The Size Of Days and lots of the newest stuff also rips. Only time I got to see them play was in a shitty bar in Virginia Beach without a stage when they were supporting To Die For. It was incredible.

Really almost their entire catalog holds up. The literal definition of metalcore.

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All accurate.

Systems Overload is a certified classic, it deserves a spot on everyone’s shelf.

I remember going on a deep Danny Diablo dive after reading that to ascertain the reliability of the narrator

I’ve been bummed out by the 2.0 tires I had on before, and wanted something with less drag so I got 38mm paselas and will be putting fenders on as well. Basically when it’s raining and I can’t rollerblade, i’m hoping this setup will entice me

Edit: yes I installed my other valve cap after taking this picture. sorry


Based on how you skate I think you need a flatland bike.

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I guess I should throw pegs on the BMX for that… I have been riding it more and enjoying some crossover from the skating, but the body movements are so dissimilar.

For the sake of providing a visual for “flatland skating” here is my PYB (post your blades)

The frames are one-off prototypes I commissioned to “lower my bottom bracket”


Custom frames yet no fender mounts?


rack mounts would be cool too. lil trunk bag for my weed