Competitive Cyclist is blowing out a bunch of Rapha stuff.[10+TO+*]&nf=1

snagged, thanks

Solid, thanks!

Looks like Rapha is also doing a blowout sale on their own site.
Is competitive cyclist one of those aggregator 3rd party sellers that doesn’t actually have a warehouse or shipping department but manages all the sale items from many companies trying to liquidate their old stock? bought Competitive Cyclist a number of years ago, so essentially the same company. They have warehouses in Salt Lake City and somewhere in Virginia.

The Virginia warehouse is annoying to me because I can’t count on something being in-stock at the SLC location when I go into their retail store.

TAF Rapha jersey and black bibs, thanks for the heads up.

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no, their fulfillment is actually ULTRA fast and good. competitive cyclist customer service is the best in the online bike stuff industry that i’ve experienced.

the rapha distro is less than 15 miles from my house. Stuff gets to me pretty quickly.

Odyssey is blowing out some pretty good looking ostensibly BMX-oriented gloves that would probably be perfect for a lot of Tarckers.

These run very small, so order a size larger than you normally would.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Kitsbow clothing go on sale in the past 4 years.
They are trying to get all the Icon Version 1 Pendletons gone. I think I actually like the cut of the version 1 a little better than version 2 but V2 has a bunch of other improvements.

Looks like they still have XS, S & M sizes left. Seriously the best shirts I’ve ever owned.

Here are the other sale items:

That looks great, but $156 for a shirt I can’t try on and return if it doesn’t fit is just crazy to me.

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If you do want to try on the medium I got a couple but I understand being turned off by the price.

Merry Sales has IRD Defiant cranks on closeout in both ringways


Purchased heavily discounted Gore jackets from CompetitiveCyclist:
“GORE BIKE WEAR Oxygen Gore-Tex Active Shell Jacket - Men’s” Med, Red/Blk $70
“Gore Bike Wear Gore Windstopper Thermo Jacket - Men’s” Med, Blk $63
used promo code: WELCOMEBACK10OFF

some 7mesh stuff is also heavily discounted and crazy nice:\+Industries&nf=1

and 23mm tubeless corsas

The Gore Oxygen jacket is fucking great and I highly recommend not losing it after you pro deal one for like $200.

Also I’m sad that cycling clothes got so cheap and good as soon as I stopped caring about and riding in cycling clothes.

Bunch of good deals on budget low trail completes:

Walmart has reduced prices on complete Rawland xSogn for $1,200

M & L


Also Jenson is blowing out the 2018 Masi Randonneur for $1,120

lol Rawland is literally a Wallmart bike now.

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