$30 der der

They also have $30 atac xc pedals, too.

Kona has fat bikes 50% off


seems like a bad omen for kona

Probably just made too many during the pandemic.

Following up on their Buy One, Get One of the process models last month.
Corporate sale really seems to have worked out for them.



This is my bud’s Zukas! Sad to see he’s getting rid of it, I wonder why.

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tired of having too much DRIPPP


I want it but I already have an awesome bike in a similar color scheme

“designed around an internally routed 2x mechanical”

Ew, no.

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looks like it was done well

tho the pictures don’t show the FD exit path

Nate Zukas makes awesome, well thought out bikes. EJ got one early on and I’ve always been jealous.

65% off some stuff at the Soma Fab shop


I bought that IRD Vortex crank a few months back after asking for chainline specs. They told me it was a 45mm chainline but it’s actually 50mm in 68mm BB. Just FYI. Wish I had gotten it for that sale price…


I only ended up buying an XDD crank yesterday because at 65% off, even with their $15 shipping, it was less expensive than buying a 50T ring for the XDD crank already in my bin and that’s only because the R8000 pusher is already down at the bottom of the braze-on slot and can’t drop down low enough for a 46T ring.

man that 11-50 cassette is tempting. but i just did a new chain for an 11-46(?) that probably needs replacing anyway and ive never found myself clamoring for much lower, other than that time i did the 400’ climb with kid on mac ride on my clydesdale. that was rough.

Too bad it’s unisex


lol Costco does bikes?

Fucken bikes named for the area code I went to high school in.

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