Death, Rapha, and Bike Fit

[quote=Bahamontes]FWIW My comment was directed at posters on Serotta/VSalon.
What does Strava say is the #1speed for this descent?[/quote]

top speed 32.3

Hi there, Speaking of death prediction, I find it really odd that one of the on-line death prediction services showed me the same death date that I was foretold in my dream about a year ago. - I can’t explain this coincidence in any other way except that there must be some kind of magic involved here.

Speaking of predictions, I predict you will soon be asked to choke on a jar of dicks.

u gonna die[/quote]

Eventually, yeah.

I do not understand :slight_smile:


that says my death date was 6 weeks ago ?!?!
i’m scared now

Wait, I didn’t know we had crabon dix!

this is a good thread

i often talk myself into doing the sketchiest shit
i’ve lived my whole life on the premise: nut up or shut up

but i’d never go balls/walls down a road i’ve never been down

rip dude. at least you went out like a rocket
i’m a fatalistic motherfucker for sure, but dyin while shreddin the gnar speaks to me

still not super knowledgeable on the story, especially given the rant on the speedbloggen site.

Read a lot of that stuff today and it spooked me.

I like to go downhill fast, and it very often occurs to me that “this might be the last thing I ever do” while hitting the dark tunnels at 50 mph.

I dislike all of this finger-pointing, but it does make me reflect. This summer I led a team ride through the west hills which finished with a descent of Newberry Road. It’s pretty hectic. Good road surface, but real steep and a couple of surprise decreasing-radius turns. I’ve gone into oncoming traffic there once and I don’t ever wanna do it again. We grouped up at the top, and rather than issue a warning, or find out if anyone was new to that particular hill, I promised whisky to the first person down.

One of our female team members, who is strong but not particularly experienced, overcooked a turn and busted herself up a little. Nothing major. She rode home.

I still feel like it’s my fault, and even more after reading all of this shit today.

Bleh. Not sure why I wrote this but I’m bummed out.

RIP bike dude.

Abe, I definitely think it’s valid to post that kind of thing here. I’m often far too confident descending, and I think this should be a lesson to you, me and those with similar “i like to go downhill fast” mentalities.

This whole buisiness reminds me of what’s it’s like in swimming. It’s a highly technical sport and there’s an emphasis on not just training hard but training “smart”, that one should be thinking about what your bodies doing, your technique, skills, being efficient etc.

It’s not exactly the same in cycling (because your life is on the line) but it’s a reminder that speed does not mean skill and that riding hard without riding smart can be deadly.

The serotta thread also thoroughly reminded me what a PITA it is to coach most adults.

The serotta thread also thoroughly reminded me what a PITA it is to coach most adults.[/quote]
yeah. old fuckers are real set in their ways.

sounds like ol boy was maybe an experienced rider, but not a racer

i’d rather stack into the back of somebody than go off over the guardrail

doug i saw you on willamette at the temp bike lanes this morning

sup babby, how been?

Yeah, do it on a mountain bike on dirt. It’s more fun