Dehumanization of cyclists

Interesting research:

do u even tarck


Besides friends, what is tarck if it’s not is about discussing the same thing in different threads, which then invariably turns to discussion about different physical forms of fenders.

It would be curious to know how the dehumanization of cyclists compares to the dehumanization of other motorists. At least you can physically see the person on a bicycle. You normally can’t in a car.

It seems that dehumanization is a problem in a lot of other areas as well.

Maybe dehumanization isn’t the problem.
Maybe the problem is that humans just don’t give a fuck about other humans.


Guess you have to actually think someone is human at some point before you can dehumanize them

Yes. Need rebranding. People on Bikes vs cyclists.

I would speculate that this is the core of the issue, that is, motorists dehumanizing anything not inside the cabin of the vehicle they’re piloting. There’s quite a bit of interaction that takes place from inside an automobile that is bereft of the sort of stimulus that occurs in normal human interactions.

That, and the fact that by and large, it’s the amygdala doing the decision making in lots of cases.


and this is why not wearing a helmet is actually safer



That’s a lovely bit of bait you’ve got dangling from that hook.

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