Der Surly Krampus


Surly’s making a fattish 29er.

You want? I want and I don’t even know why.

So are Surly just out of ideas or what?

Coming up next, a fatbike specifically designed for 3.5 tires!

Waiting for them to come around full circle and make a bike that only takes 23mm tires.

EDIT: I’ve got a rigid 29er that makes a great townie so I guess I see the appeal for some people, I just wonder if there’s a need for so many takes on the fatbike theme.

meh dont really want

Refraining from judgement til I see one in person. I thought the Moonlander was no big deal but it makes the Pugsley/Mukluk look like toys.

My main thought is holy shit those wheels must be heavy, but I guess they’d be no heavier than standard fatbike wheels.

Bro in the picture isn’t ripping trails.

guys you’re missing the big news

they used vertical fucking dropouts

look like KM dropouts to me.

Just want disc cross check

and those def look like horizontal track ends
horizontal are the side to side ones rite?

Shit you’re right. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with them that makes em think those are anything but infuriating with a dick brake and/or dangler

does look like a 44mm HT though which is cool

I’ve been on about this for years.

Can’t really understand why they haven’t done it. I suspect that sales of the (also QBP) Salsa La Cruz were disappointing, but that was a different price point. Also, I think the way the sizing was described threw potential buyers off and since retailers didn’t want to take a risk on stocking them (thus allowing people to figure out what size they needed) it just kind of died.

It was just a few years ahead of its time atmo.

ATT: Surly

Add 10% more HT, a disc tab and LR brake bridges and take my fucking money


Surly is in an arms race against no one.

Next Surly tire?

[quote=MoonCat]Surly is in an arms race against no one.

Next Surly tire?

Lollin, cue surly being sued by hanebrink