Did you just ShartQ?

I might have a pair.

How quickly

I thought I was finishing the build today but I misplaced my 11 → 10 hub spacer and didn’t realize I needed these things too.

Before I inquire further I should probably also ask - will these levers even work with road caliper brakes?

I am doing horrific Grant Peterson things to an Eddy Merckx that sat on Craigs’ list for too long


I mean, yes but? Probably not going to feel great and will develop play if they’re not already super wiggly.

If you’re just putting a bike together with what your have yea they’ll be fine. If you want something that might be better then I would get some cross top or interrupter levers or find a lever that has a cable pull that matches your brakes

I’m doing a parts bin build. budget is a very strict $900

You wasn’t some avid levers? I have several pair.

Will they fit a Nitto albatross bar (22.2 I think) and work with road brakes?

They’re probably for v brakes but I’ve definitely used them with road calipers with no problems. I’d have to measure but I gotta assume 22.2

hey if i have a campy square taper (strada?) track crankset, do i need to use a campy bottom bracket or can i just use a UN-xx shamomo?

something something offset issue


hmm seems like i should go ahead and buy some bearings and use the campy bb. because this is getting hairy.

The Campy Centaur is comparable to the UN-5X.

LQ (Luddite question)
Any recs on quality road tires (28-32ish) that are TLU (tubeless Unready)?
As in can be relied on to mount on a tube rim without all the stretching and the bead seating and the cursing and the throwing things.





I recently mounted a set of Gravelking tubeless slicks with tubes on tubed rims and it was fine, pretty happy with the way they ride.


I always seem to see good deals on the tubed Schwalbe Ones, which are excellent.


You know the drill. The One True Tire (Resist Nomad) in 28mm.

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Specialized Turbo Cotton Hell of the North


Michelin Power Road were easy on Archetypes.

28s inflated to 30.

Does absolutely anyone make a carbon 700c canti fork with 3 pack mounts?