Did you just ShartQ?

Can we have one DQ thread this time? Sticky for future noobs

Is this the first DQ?

DQ - how do I quote reply?

Highlight what you want to quote and magic will appear

Or if you hit the reply button you will notice a quote bubble in the toolbar. Click and edit away

quoting is actually sort of weird to get used to.

I do prefer how WW site insists people clean up their quoting so there isn’t 20 quotes being quoted. Higher expectations

I’d be happy to be a mod just for that purpose :star_struck:

holy shit, that is magic.

The front rim on my nordavinden needs replacing. Currently laced to an SP dynohub with about 13,009 miles. No issues that I can tell.

Should I:

Buy a straight replacement rim and rim swap?


Buy a new rim and lace to the NIB Alfine dynohub I’ve been hoarding. It’s centerlock but won’t be on a disc brake bike for a while.


I feel like a norda deserves much better than an alfine, so I say rim swap.

HI Sweetlings. I love the box that appears and asks if my reply improves the conversation in some way.

So if I’m getting the structure of this right, every post is a reply to the initial post, which is the thread title?

Also that quote feature is awesome.

But the thread titles are no longer obscure enough. For the love of god if you’re going to have a DQ thread at least call it ShartQ’s

at the bottom of the page is a ‘reply’ button, which is ‘reply to topic’. (kb shortcut shift-r)

You can use the reply button at the bottom of each post as a reply to that post in the topic (kb shortcut r)

i’m pretty disappointed that we only have one DQ thread

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Velox tape is proving to be really bad on my team sponsor wheelset (spinergy, lol), guessing because they’re tubeless-ready rims and the tape is kinda thick and tacky. It keeps bunching up on the edges and it’s super tight any time I need to mount a tire/change a tube, and then my bead won’t seat afterwards unless I crank the pressure up to like . Any tips or thinner/less tacky tape recommendations?

I have some SRAM tape that seems to be thinner/lighter. will get back when I finally stick it to a rim

I don’t think Spinergy was around long enough for tubeless. Velox sucks, get any one of the tubeless tapes that is the correct width even if you run tubes. Tubeless tape should just be renamed rim tape and replace strips/cloth forever.


Slarck isn’t working on my iPad so thought I’d ask here…
Are notification emails going out to new signups? Faxable rent machine is trying to sign up

I will activate his account. But they should be now.

Edit: he’s active. Should be able to login.