Did you just ShartQ?

there is no “rudder” effect

we steer by leaning and countersteering, not by pointing the bars

you can mount that short stem backwards on the steerer too just fine, at only the cost of your dignity and people talking at you about it


What are the options for step-through frames that aren’t chonky? PT and ortho consults for the hip are annoying to come by so I want to explore what I can do to keep riding. I know the VO polyvalent exists, is there anything else?


There was a guy I saw regularly for years who ran a backwards stem and bullhorns on his sweet fixie.

The Buena Vista comes in deadender rim brake or disc and still looks fairly classy:


There’s also the Coco, which comes in acoustic or e-bike models:


There’s the Marin Larkspur, very cool imo.

Bassi Rachel is another option, looks pretty much identical to the soma except with canti posts.

Wow, some great options. Not sure if I’m ready to go down the Jones rabbit hole, but the Marin, Buena Vista disc, and Kona options seem most reasonable. The Marin seems to overlap least with my current stable too so I could get additional capabilities

The Marin is rad. We’ve sold quite a few and everyone that has snagged one has been super stoked. We would probably sell even more if people were not weirded out by the semi-step through frame. The people’s ATB.

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i haven’t ridden one but larkspur looks like a rad bicycle. @Jacobell can confirm/deny in addition to braden

Best production bike ever made


A thru axle update to this with a carbon fork would be bananas.

Don’t get me excited :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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i guess i didn’t realize we’d advanced as a society enough that you can be a normie and just go buy a 650b dropper post townie bike with hydros

that’s pretty neat


As it turns out, a completely different bike company with roots in Marin county brought Grants ATB dream to the people (by way of Indonesia and not Japan).


wife has a larkspur (thanks Braden) and it’s a rad bike, can confirm.