Disappointment, money-pit, & tegaderm: A Road Racing Thread


Couldn’t find a road racing thread on the new site, so here is one.

First road race/crit of the year yesterday. Normal monthly industrial park crit yesterday. 98 starters in the p123.
SIDEBAR: I’m a little on the fence with letting the 3s in there, as they have 2 other races (3 if 30+) they can do at this particular event, but it fills the pack. You could definitely tell whom was a 3 by them constantly leaving gaps open, braking into and the immediately standing up/sprinting out of every corner, and being timid in close quarters. Oh well.
We avg’d 28.8mph for 90 mins, with a pretty good headwind up the small riser on the course, which was before the final turn. On turn 3, I guess there was a huge pothole, so they coned it off and it made for an interesting corner. You were forced to turn much later than you normally would and at speed it forced you to go pretty wide. I guess there was a crash in that corner in every race but ours? I made some moves, chased some things down, closed some gaps, and tried for a break after a prime. I caught the guy, we had 10 seconds on the field, and he sat up. The other guy who went with me wouldn’t pull through until the 3rd time I flicked my elbow, then proceeded to go way too hard. Like, we don’t need to be taking 700w pulls 1/3rd of the way into the race. Either way, we got absorbed after a lap. with 1 to go, I was in decent position, probably within the top 20, when we got surged on HARD. Up the final riser,m it was way too congested to try anything, so I rolled in at like 40th. No biggie as I didn’t have any teammates and I mostly wanted to see how my legs would respond.