Disco Slippers

Shoe chat.

How low-volume is the fit of the Specialized Recon? Mavic low or Sidi low or not low?

no idea if they’re based off the same last but i’ve got spesh audaxs and the toebox is very very roomy

Was going to start a slipper thread -but holy crap spesh recon’s could be the spd commuter non-bikey bike shoe of my dreams,

My giro bright orange mc70 soled mountain sneaks are fading to be meh orange. I’m v. Sad about this my boys and folks etc.

I’m holding out for these to get released:


does any other shoe maker have lower volume toe box than sidi? is that possible?

How about across the instep? I can almost bottom out anything other than Sidis and Mavics. The weird clipless 5-10s with the Boas fit well too.

i don’t have a high instep so i’m not a great candidate but there’s no pressure there

My feet are totally flat and thin. When I say I can bottom out the other shoes, I mean I can’t get them tight enough. Like the two sides with the laces end up touching each other.

audaxs are velcro jawnz but there’s some exposed velcro so i’m definitely not cinching em as tight as i can

Those are great. That might be the first roady road shoe I’d consider wearing.

Well it’s a mountain shoe so

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I just snagged these, yesterday. If you’ve got a hookup through a Specialized dealer, they’re on closeout for … not a lot of money. I literally haven’t ridden them yet, so I have absolutely nothing to report, but they seem like they will be fine.

I suspect I’ll stick with my Bontragers for commuting since tying and untying the laces in order to ride 2 miles every day seems like more work than it’s worth.

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I have the Recon Mixed and they fit my huge hobbit feet great, so not low volume at all.
I can’t wear SIDIs or Giros AT ALL. Even the HV offerings are too tight.

If anybody wants hi-vol lace-ups, I can report the Shimano XC5 are dope and $105 from REI these days. Possibly my fav SPD shoes to date.

Are dope except to walk in. Maybe cx runnin up that Kate Bush muddy hill is fine but everything else :expressionless:

Vaude TVL Skoj clipless BOA shoes in Fjord Blue. Very excited to get some SPD cleats in these and try them out.
Test walk around the house felt good, they match my skinny / long feet pretty well. Kinda wish there was a better tongue transition with softer/more flexible material like my Giro Terraduro. Neat reflective logo detail hidden behind the weave at the side/heel in addition to reflective heel stripe.

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I’m kind of digging how boring these are:

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I really appreciate when companies minimize their logos. Could probably sharpie out the Vaude and get even more ninja.

Speaking of Sharpies, I took a jumbo Sharpie to the ugly grey midsole of my 5-Tens and now they don’t look like bowling shoes anymore.