Dodici Frame.

Surprised nobody has posted this yet.

I’m sure some of y’all have heard of the Dodici 40mm deep wheels - They look good, but I’ve never actually heard if they’re good or not.

Anyways, they have frames coming out and they don’t look so bad.

Aluminum frames with carbon forks. No pricing yet, should be interesting to see how they price compared to the H+ frame.

Why would you compare it to the H+ frame? They sound pretty different. Also, pics plz.

The picture’s don’t seem to be working…

I’m comparing them because they’re both coming from independent deep-profile wheel makers.

Pics here:

Hmmm, no comments on the frame but the shit talking on H+ makes me not like them. Oh so your rims are made in a western country so they’re automatically better?

Plus didn’t the hplus mishap only happen because of misuse?

That is really, REALLY lame

Nothing like talking some shittt. tasteful.

Those rims weigh SEVEN-HUNDRED fucking grams. Even Grant Peterson would scoff at that.

The frame looks generic - probably something ordered directly out of the Maxway catalog. And it’s threaded for a fucking Italian bottom bracket.

All I needed to know. Shit’s whack.

also lower down you can see them charging 40 EUR to ship a saddle worldwide. wtf?

yeah pitd to them

the Dodici rims are apparently made by Gipiemme, in Italy. And based on the old Gipiemme models they no longer sell, like Techno 416 etc. Anyhow, I’m not saying anything about the quality because I’ve no idea about that. But heavy as fuck, yes. And expensive.

However the first model/generation Dodici rims were fucked up because they had nipples on the inside of the rim which makes wheelbuilding and re-truing more difficult. The new ones have that corrected now.

Also, my friend ordered a pair of their first gen rims and asked the vintagepista guy about the ERD to calculate the spoke length. Well, he didn’t know for sure what it was…

Well let’s hope he’s learned since then. Allthough that H+ jab was certainly uncalled for. Gipiemme is alright, they also produced the old Shamal/Zonda/Vento deep V’s. These new Dodici rims look a lot like those but I wonder how they compare weight wise. Does anyone know the weight of those old Campa rims?

these will also weight a little bit less around 700 grams 100 less
than the previous

Previously they were 800 grams? Holy fuck.

their mastery of the english language really inspires confidence. it’s like shopping on craigslist.

[quote=halbritt]these will also weight a little bit less around 700 grams 100 less
than the previous

Previously they were 800 grams? Holy fuck.[/quote]

I just want to repeat this for emphasis. Holy fuck.

Bragging about a rim the weighs a pound and a half seems like silliness.

Gipiemme did some fancy-looking wheels, but generally they are total garbage.

Also, I’m no expert, but I really doubt that Gipiemme made any rims for Campy because Campagnolo is notorious for not outsourcing production.

yea, i have been looking for more info about where the shamal/ventos were made.

Campagnolo has vast manufacturing capacity, and list the country of origin on nearly every piece of every component they manufacture as Italy. I’d wager they were built in-house.

Well, These guys seem pretty knowledgeable. I don’t see any reason not to believe Gipiemme made those Campa rims, seems entirely plausible.