Does anyone know ANYONE with an xSogn?

I’ve been looking at them since they’re under $900 at Wally world now, but haven’t seen a single review.

Long chainstays are long.

it’s so cheap just get it

Read the comments

i got one a few days ago. what do you want to know?

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Get your Walmart bike to the new person thread, new person.


I want to know if it is a boat anchor that handles like a garbage truck. Also what you’re comparing it to.

Holy cow that’s a stout looking bicycle. How much does the frame weigh?

I just want to read a real review of one before I think about buying it.

How does it handle spirited riding?

I didn’t weigh the frame, but the stock build–without pedals and with tubes–was 25.6lb. As pictured, without lights/bottles/bag but with rack/basket/fenders/brooks/pedals/tubes, is a bit under 30lb.

for the ~50mi i’ve done so far, it rides like a sprightly touring bike and that’s exactly what i got it for. handling is great, no-hands with a bit of stuff in basket is very stable. construction of the frame is good, no surprises.

i’m comparing to a fuji cross and a kilo wt (steamroller clone), i’ve put a lot of miles on each. this feels much more similar to the kilo wt, but with discs/gears/nicer front end handling with a load.

i’ll be doing a bunch of >100mi rides next year so we’ll see on the ~spirits~ business.

a ringing endorsement

This is some top shelf Brianforums stuff right here. I’ve gotten used to a much higher quality level of personal opinion “reviews” on here. Comparing this to a cross bike and a sweet fixie isn’t really a valid comparison, is it?

What’s the tubing spec?

Mentally subtracting the other parts, that frame’s got pretty stout tubing. If you’re not looking for a flexy frame and don’t mind shoving a couple of extra pounds down the road, I’m sure it’s fine – I’ve run series on a Soma Speedster, which is not flexible unless you’re shoving many more watts into the pedals that I’m capable of – but it’s not a particularly Tarck-compliant frame.

Oh, yeah, you need to post that thing in The Nü Nü Nü People Thread so it can be appropriately mocked.

someone on ibob said 8/5/8, no citation. it’s a bike. photos/geo chart tell most of the story. it’s more bikey than other walmart bikes and less bikey than a firefly. probably similarly bikey to a h/g but more walmart and more orange.

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I really like that on the new forum you can see how much a lurker lurked before talking

You need to post your bikes in the new guy thread before you reply in anymore threads

Reading this made me want to leave Tarck


eww no.