Does Everyone Remember That Pic Of The Bmx Dude Who Was Like Flying Down This Hill Unattached From His Bike?

anyone have more info on this pic? what was the outcome?


everyone died

if that picture was hi-def, you could see everyones emotions

holy fuuu rly?

turpentine, that summary made me laugh more than a gross-mutilated foot ever should.

i think there’s a vid floating around of that

How does one go about deciding to do that?

Absolutely terrifying.

i think it’s fisheyed so it looks a little higher up than he is, but still, shit son.

dude didnt die. huh.,33/Losey,112

yeah that didn’t look that bad at all, unlike the picture

i was in attendance for that event. new mexico is pretty rad. now i want to eat at the frontier again.

BMXers are fucking amazing at not getting hurt and or killed when they bail.

it’s about learning how to roll.

i should work on that.

dude, rolled out of it and didn’t break anything.

Did you see this jump? It’s my all-time favourite crash pic.

more of a pre-crash pic, don’t you think?

yes, i saw it.