double strap... soma lov m or hate m

thanks. i’m gonna try that out. do you think it’s more comfortable than a single strap setup?

yeah definitely, especially with both cinched up. much more secure than a single. and im running nylons so it really only cost like six bucks or something. not really scared shitless about breaking a strap anymore (which totally sucks in traffic)

^brilliant ^

thanks balonya. this was my second design, the first was a copy of the cadence, but with an inner tube, which totally sucked cause it was too flimsy. these are working much much better and i have them on two bikes.

lemme know how they turn out for you delicious

blickblocks style

you cant cross the straps like that on mks singles!

I use Nylon straps + Nylon mountain cages, so there.

I despised my Oppy XX gates. Way too short for my foot, which is admittedly large (13) and when I used washers to extend it I didn’t like where the straps were ending up on my foot. As for the Soma doubles…they’re still together. That is about all I have to say, in two months they have stretched a considerable amount and loosen if I really tighten them down and then skid. Once I feel like spending money again i am just going to put some quality singles on my pedals and use a doubler.

Toshi doubles and singles are the shit. The person with whom I ride with most,, wore out a pair of soma doubles in like a month.

did you do this? i just put on two sets of christophe nylon straps and it’s either figure out a doubleizer or electrical tape the second strap to the clip so it doesn’t move

that dude what throws his bike in the council of doom trailer? yeah…he’s cool… :bear:

did you do this? i just put on two sets of christophe nylon straps and it’s either figure out a doubleizer or electrical tape the second strap to the clip so it doesn’t move[/quote]

post up if you do! i’d love to see how it works for other people.

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