drop bars, brifters, porteur rack. dur

I’m building up the Sequoia soon. I want it to be a utilitarian kind of deal. I have Centaur shifters and derailleurs and a Record triple. I want to use my VO porteur rack as well.

I have some Noodles that I was thinking of using but I’m not sure how the drop bar porteur rack deal will work out. Are there any other STI compatible bars that would be better? Should I ditch the STI stuff for a bar end shifter build?

Thoughts? It will mostly be used around town.

never settle for less. reach for your dreams!

really though, i’d slap on the bars/shifters/rack really quick to check it out before getting too far ahead of myself looking for a solution to a problem that might not exist.

May help to keep cables out of the way of whatever sits on the rack.

Or go Sramarama

STI (Shimano) but you have Campy?

Oh sorry, brifters. I started calling all brifters STI for some reason…even though the S stands for Shimano.

I’m using centaur brifters.

Salsa Woodchipper maybe. Hm.

woodchippers are gonna suck for porteur rack atmo. it turns the lever angle into the storage space by quite a bit.

are your centaur levers for campy triple? cuz… otherwise gonna be problems separate from rack room.

You’ve got a bunch of nice stuff, so I’d say just put it together and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then you can worry about buying more stuff.

mustache bars

toastycat, I thought all campy left hand brifters worked with everytyhing because ratchet. dq is that not right?

mustache + ergos/sti = gorss

seriously, the derailleur cables gonna be facing down. yuck.

uh i know they’re trimmable (like most other left-hand STI/ergo levers)… but i don’t think triple-compatible. can’t guarantee it, though, but i know there was a marginal fuss when campy discontinued their designated triple groupsets

I can’t stand the look of moustache bars with brifters.

I’m just going to build it up and see how it comes out. I’ve seen some bikes with drop bars and a porteur rack and it seems that the bars would get in the way of large loads. We’ll see how it goes.

I know some people on here have had this setup and was hoping that they would comment.

It’s a given the drop bars are going to interfere with the rack somewhat… the only question is, “how much?”

Would it be inappropriate to point out the obvious, which is that if you want a porteur bike, you should build a porteur bike?