Dry lube = squeaks?

Since i started using this dry lube shit on my chain it seems like under really hard sprints something is squeaking on each hard stroke. Im guessing its my chain and gear making dry love together but im not sure. Maybe its actually something else that has started at the same time?
I packed my BB recently so Im pretty sure its not that. Everything appears to be tight, as well.

Anyone had this?

what exactly is this dry lube you speak of?
i use some weird shit, ummm…hold on a minute, i’ll go look.

well i can’t find it.
it’s in a clear bottle and is a yellowish or pearl looking color…

it keeps the shit quiet as long as your not mashing real hard. then it gets a little noisy. under light load pedaling it’s dead quiet.

i say your shit sounds normal.

I use a wax lube and I get some minor sqeeeeeuish noise under heavy mashing. Its cool, I can tell when I’m not spinning properly because it will be sqeeeeeuish sqeeeeeuish, instead of sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuissssssssssssssssssssssssssssh.

I want to try wax lube, I don’t mind lubing the chain often. It rained today, and I don’t have full mud guards so my chain/cog got really grindy.

I use dry lube, have noiced some noise from drivetrain lately, may apply more to see if it goes away

i use astroglide or ky

Thing with the wax lube is to clean it off for re-lubing you need to put in some elbow grease. Every few months I just take my chain in the shower with me and soap and hot water and a wire brush does the trick. Or else it will build up and get worse with more applications rather then better.

Its Finish Line Teflon Dry lube.

After it runs out ill try something else and see if it goes away. I cant see anywhere else its coming from but i hate it.

Have you ever used real nasty chain lube? The sticky kind? I don’t like it cause its real messy, but it should work well.

Phil Wood Tenacious Oil is nasty stuff.
I only use it in the winter when there’s tons of salt on the road.
It’s sticky as fuck!

DH, from what I understand, wax based lubes work best in dry, dusty climates since they are a dry lube. Oil based lubes tend to be more effective in wet climates where some degree of moisture barrier is needed. Based off my experience, I like oil based lubes better, but they require more TLC since Colorado Springs is, well, a desert minus the sand. Just something to consider for your next lube purchase.

But to answer your question, I’ve had sounds come from my mountain bike chains on brutal climbs, but have found that it goes away after a thorough cleaning of the chain AND chain ring and cassette.