Dual sided Lever

This is the new DiaCompe GranCompe Shot lever.
Just saw this on Rene’s site but havent seen any in person.

Mounts near the stem for using with either hand. Because we all know that when braking, keeping your hands as close to the stem as possible is the best thing to do. lol
I say wacky. What you say?

I would try that. Not sure how good it would work.

I can see how that would be popular. Then again interceptor/cross levers are popular because they cost like 10 bucks.

i like it. pretty cool i think. want to see it mounted.

im in the market for a cross lever, but that’s pretty expensive!

how easily do they mount on top tubes?


how easily do they mount on seat posts?

how easily do they mount on stems? we don’t ride with bars anymore.

handlebars are so passé

clever, but jackass.

just like alot of other threads, you guys killed it

Clever girl.

Jurassic Park.

That kind of seems like a dumbass idea to me. At the very least, it’s an answer to a question I don’t think anyone asked. It looks like it pretty much only does what it’s supposed to when it’s mounted right next to the stem, and then you can use your brake from either side, as long as your hands are within an inch of your stem, and that’s stupid.

I predict that these levers will not be manufactured for very long, since the only people who might want them are people who only use one brake and regularly ride with their hands right up against the stem. The only people who ride like that ride fixed gears, and let’s be honest, brakes are really not a trendy accessory that tarck bikers splurge on. Anybody who cares enough to spend good money on brakes and brake levers will probably have the sense to spend less money on a much more functional setup and save the money for better things.

They will become a collector’s item on eBay or its equivalent in 30 years, when all of us FIXED GEAR kids grow up and get nostalgic for the good old days of tarck and fondly reminisce about a time when stupid products like this existed and were targeted at us. We’ll sit around at dinner parties and complain about our kids and the stupid shit they’re wasting their money on. It’ll be great.

edit: You’re apparently not allowed to call fixed gears “fixies” or even use the word on this board because it’s not a cool thing to do. It was replaced with “party foul: please edit” or something like that. Never mind that the only people I know who rode fixed gear bikes before they were cool (in the 1970’s) call them “fixies.” This aversion to the word is something we decided (at brianforums) that fixed gear purists don’t like.

Fuck word filters. What is this, brianforums?

2 levers and london mod for the win!

Maybe that’s why theyre only selling them in Japan.
Id say 95% of all fixed gear bikes now have a brake here, unlike in the USA where very few have brakes.

Seems like a cool idea, but I’ll stick with my cane creek lever…