Dudes who know more about wheels than I do

I need some assistance.
Girlfriend seems to be stoked about the shredding of gnar on the tandem, considering possibilities of rebuilding, and wheels are a concern. Was thinking Open Pros to something like ultegras to convert 27 to 700c (though the current rims are pretty nice) to avoid cost of tandem wheels, are we going to crushterfuck a pair of 32 hole OP’s?
Note: total weight is probably like 350, bike riders, etc.

What’s the rear spacing?

OP’s on a tandem is laughable. You need wider and heavier or deeper and heavier. Oh and 36 holes at the very least.

Yeah. Skinny 32h rims seems super sketch to me, particularly for “shredding the gnar”, whatever that means.

My point about the rear spacing is that’s going to dictate your hub choice, and hub choice will dictate spoke count.

If your tandem is at 145 mm or more, prepare to spend big bucks. The only hubs I am familiar with and have built with are shimano tandem hubs. Good stuff but expensive and 48 holes only i believe.

If your rims are still nice, chances are your hubs will be also. Why not rebuild with old hubs to 700c strong rim?

All of these are possibilities, shredding the gnar really just means taking longer rides/more mileage. I’m not familiar with a lot of rim choices/wheel combos, especially not for tandems, so I was really just posing the question: would it be viable to buy a set of road wheels or am I sort of stuck building/buying a tandem wheelset. not sure on spacing, but I can measure when I get home.
The current wheels arent “nice” but they arent garbage either, mavic rims to hubs which i have been unable to locate branding or model on.

i was always under the impression that shredding gnar meant





get 48h hubs and velocity dyads

Shredding the gnar definitely does not mean taking longer rides on a tandem bicycle, except in Tarck-speak (bleeding sarcasm).

Well-built 36h wheels would work fine.

Sarcasm was missrecieved, we are most definitely not gnar shredding, just road riding. i’ll probably look into some 36 hole options, though should I be concerned with hub strength?

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