Dumb things I did to my own bike

This is for things mechanically related, not dumb stuff you did ON your bike, rather stuff you did TO your bike.

Yesterday I was recabling my endpoint and just as I got the rear shifting perfect, the indexing drops out and I can’t down shift. I was pulling on the cables. I was checking to make sure nothing was stuck.

Five minutes later I discovered the hood (which I had flipped up) had migrated down enough to impede the little lever thingy that makes the shifting click. Dumb.

One time I didn’t fully seat a Shimano quick link (screw those things tho) and tore my rear derailer off. Fortunately it was a replaceable hanger but still… Dumb.

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Didn’t ruin a hanger, but I have spent 10 minutes wondering why my chain was skipping.

Clamped a shifter cable under a kickstand bolting it on, never actually used the kickstand when it was on anyways. Double dumb.

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That would be the “Dumb things I did to own my bike” thread.

another one related to my adventures in recabling my bike
i was riding the rollers yesterday and midway through my workout a horrible screeching sound came from the rear of the bike
it kept screeching when i stopped pedaling so i assumed it had to be a bad bearing in the rollers
this was, in fact, wrong
today, when i rode, no such screeching! until i shifted into the big ring, and the ferrule on the end of the pusher cable swung into the rear wheel just enough to dragggggg along the rim
bent that thing out of the way and carried on, feeling quite stupid that i listened to that screech for 25 minutes yesterday