Easton EC90SL Deep carbon tubular wheelset


Easton EC90SL wheelset.
55mm deep carbon fiber tubular rims.
Easton hubs. Spin straight and true.
Shimano freehub body, aluminum, great shape. 10 speed. An 11 speed body is available from Easton for this R4 hub.

Clement MXP 33mm CX tires. !!Yes they say “tubeless” but apparently this is some sort of specific “tubeless tubular” tire nomenclature Clement came up with. This is why I own them, I thought I was buying clinchers but I was wrong, these are definitely glue-on tubbbies.

The carbon layup looks a bit wavy but that’s just the way the fibers are laying, the rim surface is straight and smooth.
2040 grams for the set as pictured.


Or trade. Looking for:
Dynamo hub 15mmx100 T/A.
Dyno hub Q/R
Dyno wheelsets in almost any combo of rimway or hub axleway.
Black seatpost 27.2, 350mm+ length, with setback.
Rear hub, black, 12x142.


@motorbacon, the purple Merckx needs these.