Ed's dumb handle drop bears

That’s the 615mm width, right? Do you know if that is measured ctc at the ends or the hoods? I’m thinking of putting a pair on my old 80’s mtb. I wish there was a bar halfway between these and the widest noodle, but maybe I’d love the towels.

the towel rack measurements spec’d on the site as c-c at the ends of the drops. so at the absolute widest point. i measured the hoods not long ago and i believe it’s about 50cm

i’d hold out on the new nitto x crust bars, they should be out this summer and sound like what you’d be into.


i’m one of those weirdos that still has a quill stem in 2019, but i get what you’re sayin

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Quill stems are great!


Yup, me too

Side question: what’s a dumber decision, Paul klampers or quill stems in 2019?

having klampers implies a pretty straightforward path towards wet brakes without a new frame, fork, or adaptor.

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The bars are 26mm. Plenty of 1 1/8” stems to use with them. Why would you want thicker on your planing machine?

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Why is a current frame specd for a quill stem inherently dumb? There are almost no off the shelf options for 1” stems in threadless (ya I know you can shim) so quill is a better decision if a designer wants to make a bike with a 1” steerer.

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There are still a few companies making 1” stems in a ±10° form.

Who? I know blue lug had one from nitto in 26.0 and 25.4 but the 26 looks to be done. Meanwhile there are enough quill stems available in all clamp diameters to sustain a small market of new bikes with 1” threaded forks

I think it would be interesting to see 1” threadless on new bikes but it won’t happen if there is only 1 stem option

I find them on ebay, of all places; they come and go elsewhere (bikeman has been pretty reliable as a source for the (ugly) Icon stems) but since I am on a perpetual quest to mutate all the things! I don’t pay as much attention as I should, given that I almost exclusively build 1" threadless forks.

And tbh, a 9/8" threadless stem with a shim is still better than trying to get a quill low enough to be comfortable.

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The ability to find old stock or used parts on eBay is nice, but it’s not enough to get any non-custom builder to make 1” threadless forks

Not to attack you’re personal fit requirements, but it looks like you prefer a a lot more drop than most riders outside of the true roadies. Anyways, there are quills with drop too

Lastly, I hate those mutant stems and am slightly triggered every time I see one of your bikes. There, I said it

Not used on ebay, new; there seems to be more of a market for them in china and some of the companies sell their stuff on ebay as well. Boring stems, though, so I don’t buy very many of them.

Oh, the drop quills are even worse than the regular ones; they’ve got that nice pointy top for breaking a hole in your sternum and they’re too chisel-shaped to hold a donut.


(1" stem clamp, but a 9/8" stem clamp looks the same.)


My DayRuiner planes?

Nitto Crusties are up on the site



What you do with your bike is none of my business

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all the 31.8 ppl rejoice

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