Eight Inch frames

http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-55CM-FIXED-GEAR ... 286.c0.m14

I just saw this frame on ebay. 175 shipped for a 4130 chromo frame with a carbon fork. I’ve looked over it as well as one can online. The manufacturer doesnt really have a website, it’s just a fixed gear OBS. Anyone have experience with these frames at all? I mean this is cheaper than the IRO GB. This is cheaper than anything else I know of for a similar frame.

Gusseted headtube/downtube?

From what I hear… they are complete shit.

Gotta love a good gusset! I see this, along with the really messy welds on the low-end mountain bikes at work and I puke a little inside.

Oh, and I say go for it.

yeah. as with a lot of these cheap tarck frames I have a feeling the designer isnt used to making road style frames. probably came from bmx or mtb. you can see it in the styling and such things as that gusset

I’m not actually looking at buying this thing because i’m dead fucking broke. I’m just wondering what the deal is, or if it’s actually a complete piece of shit

Most of the time something seems to good to be true…
It is.

the welds don’t look too nasty.

But that font does.

I got one of these for my cheap commuter… It actually seems not too bad. The welds on mine actually look pretty decent. The frame feels solid, though I was originally a bit concerned by the carbon fork. All in all I’d say it’s a perfectly fine cheapo frame (despite the gusset), but replacing the fork might be advisable (and I still may do it myself), since I find it hard to trust such a cheap carbon fork.

cayne uno?
at least thats what it looks like.

Minus shielded track ends and with shittier welds.

I’d like to point out, I thikn cayne uno’s are disgusting.

It’s a cheap singlespeed frame.
Same as this one.