Anyone seen the video yet, I did it, east coast mash shit, prolly wearing a roadie helmet grinding on his sprocket, what more an you ask for?


I don’t have to watch that to know that it sucks.

i wont watch it because it sucks

Where the hell were all the barspins? :colbert:

I like Parts & Labor so it wasn’t all bad

It had kinda neat cinematography at least. Wasn’t as stupid as i was expecting it to be.

I think it’s funny these guys put all this effort into making a movie about people riding their bikes through traffic.

3:14 to 3:22 is ridiculous. what’s wrong with him/her

Wow, that really was not at all impressive. Is that an old video?

i watched it with no sound cuz im working but not half bad. something i hadnt seen yet

I always seem to forget how filthy NYC is for some reason. Did you guys notice the garbage floating around everywhere? That’s disgusting. It’s like an extremely overpriced third world country.

Did anyone else notice the CX mount that some dude did a minute or so in?

actually in that video it looks unreasonably clean

Got sum haterz up in dis thread.

I’m just glad it wasn’t ALL tricks like bootleg sessions.


most people ride in traffic everyday already. why would anyone want to watch a video of someone else doing the same thing?

I agree that the cinematography was pretty cool. Some of it was impressive, but mostly I couldn’t stop thinking about how many accidents those guys have caused/will cause/wondering when one of them will die in the filming of one of these things.

Also, NYC is full of trash. And it has a lot of actual garbage, too

I like how they stole the name of one of the best BMX shops, oh and their tricks. JK

I was thinking about the whole empire bmx thing too, like maybe we can send it to all the fucking bmx sites and tell me its a new empire bmx vid.

How come every ‘fixey’ movie has at least one shot of a dude brushing his hand along the side of a bus as he rides past it?

i dig it. riding in heavy traffic is really fucking fun… it’s like an obstacle course that’s alive. it is fucking dangerous, but that’s what makes it so much fun.