epic Tour de France battle tomorrow

The top 5 riders are separated by 1:13. It’s the last day in the high mountains, and they’re hitting this:

I am really upset with Vandevelde the kid tacked on like 2min today.

Supposedly he was 35 seconds off the lead over the climb then crashed. He’s not out of it yet, and it’s a pretty long final TT.

F. Schleck and Sastre are going to have to do something special tomorrow. The way the team has worked for them they have zero excuses.

Yea I really hope Vandevelde shows up to ride for that last TT. I would like him to atleast finish in the top 5.

Me too. David “Boo Hoo” Millar will be checking out the course for him. :bear:

My cable and internet at home have been out for the past week. My computers at work cannot view video. I am not happy.


Freaking awesome!!!

(hope that fuker is clean)

I don’t think it’s enough to hold off evans in the tt.

yeah, that shit was ridiculous today. Sastre was crazy

Lets hear it for Sanchez for the good show, where did he come from anyway?

Vandevelde is coughing again.

Sanchez explosion was great.

dude, sastre is a motherfucker.
i couldn’t believe that.

i wonder if the schleck brothers have christmas dinner rivalries over who’s the best rider / child…

Pretty much perfect tactics by CSC, but they should have ditched Menchov when they had the chance.

Andy Schleck is such a badass.

cadel is blowing it.

C’mon Sastre!!

He passed Schleck…awesome.

+1 :bear:
Why do you think he is so sensitive? Is it because they could get sick being that their bodies are at their limits?

dude, cadel evans isn’t nearly as bad as robbie mcewen. it’s funny to hear him bitch about vandevelde and the other younger sprinters. i remember in the beginning of the tour he complained about how they go for gaps that aren’t there and make dumb moves, but that’s all mcewen does. don’t get me wrong, i like robbie mcewen, but what is it with all these aussies getting so huffy puffy over stuff.

and vandevelde did pretty good today, but sastre is definitly gonna win it now.

i can’t wait until tom boonen comes back.

I just want vandevelde on the podium.