Shimano releases a 12sp dura Ace group, di2 only.

Rivendell goes bankrupt in September.


Wireless Di2


Di2 will stay a wired system. The E-Tube harness, connectors, and “accessories” will be easier to use in conjunction.

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Let’s shoot for the moon: I win the lottery, buy Rivendell, use tarck as my board of directors.


tarck.cc becomes an e-scooter forum


@turpentine runs mad with power and holds the forum hostage, after blowing the slush fund on a Riv and various twine accessories.


Donald Trump wins a second presidency, after beating impeachment in the Senate.

Everyone buys a Kona dew to get to work after the world economy collapses.


Mtb market softens as everyone who’s buying a newer geo frame has done so

Gravel plateaus in sales, sub-categories get marketed more actively- no more jack of all trades rhetoric

E-bikes become a main revenue stream for most bike shops

More traditional bike companies try to figure out how to get that Zwift / Peloton money

Pro racing in the us keeps withering

Ultra-distance racing gets bigger sponsors, more organization, starts getting boring and predictable

Traditional road bikes become what touring bikes were for the preceding few decades: still around, but kind of an afterthought

Bike media / marketing starts heading into the post-influencer era.

Rivendell continues to exist in Schrodinger’s bankruptcy



Why boo? Surely the appeal of having little tiny batteries on every single component can’t be that great.

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Jay Petervary is picked up by Specialized and dropped shortly thereafter when he’s caught on video saying something racist after an event


French winner of Tour de France.


UPS rolls out cargo e-bike deliveries
Tesla and Amazon rush drone and/or robot delivery to market in competition
This is the seed for the AI Wars going into the latter half of the century


I mean I did just suggest zach do a large forum upgrade during american hours just coz.

and there is at least $500 in the slush fund right now so I might be able to buy a hatchet and some wool socks that don’t really fit anyone right but they are made by good people somewhere out of really happy goat hair or something

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I think we’ve got one more year before this.

Oh yeah that one was a bit of a reach. I know not much about mtb, so there may be more room there.

It’s weird, I have no feel for how often people replace bikes any more.

I think I’m on the end of the mtb curve. I’ll get a new fs in 2020. My buddy will go from 27.5 fs to 29 fs in 2020. But we’re not guys who buy $6k new bikes every couple years.

Actually the more i think about it, we’re seeing more trails and more riders. I don’t think mtb will fall off any time in the next 3 years.

Have wheel sizes in mtb calmed down a little bit? Like, are people largely sorted on which wheels for which kinds of riding and which sizes of rider? From my perspective it was all 26, then 29 is better, then hold the horses here comes 27.5, which is better for some things? but not xc?

I don’t really get how wheel size tumult interacts with the tukt rear, long and slack front shift in geometry.

Or how each of those things relate to ht vs fs suspension. Man ALIVE mountain bikes are complicated.

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What about plus bikes

aw hell that’s a whole other kettle of fish

I’m so used to road bikes, where “tires are three millimeters wider now” is an earthshaking development worthy of months of news coverage, I’m not mentally or emotionally prepared for the world of offroad bikes at all