Executive Assistant Jackass of the Day


Oh, this was more about a train line (not really bike related) but I figured since we’re on infrastructure fails I’d throw it out there.


Oh shoot, I was thinking rail trail


One episode


Ha ha. Fuckin tools.


Small victories


Someone broke into the bike locker that I normally use. I leave my Krypto lock there 24/7, so maybe they figured a/my bike was inside. The lock held, but the locker’s door/handle is pretty much toast. I was able to remove the lock, but the dead bolt seems stuck/frozen.


bummer. Is this a public bike locker or work one?


Work. The one with my lock was the only one targeted, so they were probably hoping the ebike was inside.


Do you forsee them replacing the hardware on the locker or are there other empty lockers you can move to?

I feel really lucky that our workplace allows us to store bikes indoors but now that we are on production floor hiring boom I get a little worried about someone stealing the bike or looting my bag for stuff. Currently I don’t bother locking up or taking valuables out of the bag which seems really dumb now that I’ve typed it.
9 years of no bicycle safety issues at has lulled me into lazy trust of my coworkers (at least 100).


I think they will repair the locker/s. When I ride my non-ebike, I just carry it up the stairs leave it near my desk. Lugging the ebike up the stairs is a PITA, so I lock it up instead. Now I’m reluctant to lock it to one of the staple racks for fear that someone was specifically trying to take my particular bike.


Do only workers have access to the lockers or are they on a ground floor parking garage with no attendant?


They’re outdoors, near the side of the building (i.e. freestanding).


Damn man, like they were staking you out or something? That’s pretty fugn creepy.


My buddy let his friend use his bike locker, but the friend accidentally left the locker slightly ajar when he was done with it. My buddy went to use the locker one morning only to find that several of the bolts holding the locking together had been discretely removed from the inside of the locker, thus allowing a thief to be able to pry open the top of the locker next time a bike was placed inside. :colbert:


I’m kinda bummed about the whole thing. W/o a working normal bike I’m riding the ebike exclusively right now. Time to store it in the downstairs office for a while.


As I was leaving my neighborhood for a ride today, a guy in a gray Acura passed me pretty close, as there was some traffic coming the other way and I wasn’t fully taking the lane. I pulled up next to him at the light and saw he had his window cracked, so I told him something like ‘You couldn’t have waited 3 seconds?’ He looked confused, so I explained that he passed way too close and suggested that he be more careful next time. Now, I’m not super confrontational, so my voice was a little shaky but I was being completely civil at this point (though a little irate to be fair). He looks at me and says ‘Fuck you.’ So I stare right at him and say ‘Fuck YOU.’ So then he’s like “Motherfucker don’t pull up to me and talk to me like that” (what? you just set the bar here buddy…), then he starts opening his door threateningly. I’m on my new bike, in between two lanes, and wearing road shoes, and dude is a bit bigger than me (though mostly by way of a beer belly), so I just roll away a bit. Turns out there was a cop car across the street, so maybe I should have let him try something. I’d like to think that if I were wearing mtb shoes or something that I’d have stood my ground, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Again, not super confrontational, never been in a fight, etc etc.

Oh, and his 5 or 7 year old son is sitting in the passenger seat the whole time. Excellent role model there, buddy.

Pretty pissed, but also kinda concerned that this guy lives near by and will try to do something stupid if he sees me again. Also concerned that I might try to do something stupid if I see him and I’m not on my bike. Should I just ignore it next time someone passes too close and I have a chance to tell them? Saying nothing, or the usual not being able to say anything, just leaves my blood boiling


You probably should, but I can’t really talk about it because I tend to go nuclear when people pull this shit on me.


I tell them that it felt like they passed really close, and while they may feel they passed safely, it was definitely scary for me.

Mostly flipping the script by thinking about what I’m going to say first, and trying not to be obviously mad, and focusing on my feelings rather than them doing something bad.

Had a few nice conversations with people, ending with an “In the future, here’s how you can pass so that it isn’t terrifying” or whatever. Also had a few of these turn bad because they were trying to scare me, but nothing that can’t be solved by some calm name calling, or passive aggressive “I love you”, or a solid kick to the door as they try to open it and then taking off down an alleyway.


File this under “you can take the drunk fuckwit outta prison island, but you can’t take the prison island outta the drunk fuckwit” or something.


Florida and a prison islander
Double plus