Exploded Bags

I’ll start:

are you a messenger? can i borrow your toestrap?

In before that BMX dude’s scrotal explosion pic.

just realized i have a ton of shit in my bag.


my vacuum is broken. ayhsmb.

rain shit, flat shit, checkbook, extra glasses, earbuds, g2, lights, flat repair shit, vans hip pack, paper bag, book, paystub, lock

why do you carry a checkbook around

too much crap

right now:
keys, lighters, a knife, tools, road morph pump, spare tube x2, lock, a pair of shoes I bought today, front and rear lights, some paperwork from a job I did, a nug jar with about a gram of weed, an empty nug jar, my friends pipe that I forgot to give back at the river today, wallet, beer caps, a couple bucks in bills and change, bunch of pens, empty strawberry basket.

checkbook in the baileyworks is the new 20 in the saddle bag

Don’t have a pic, but 1 multi-tool, 1 tube, 1 small patch kit (optional CO2 inflater on some bikes). On long rides I carry something to eat and a cell phone in a pocket. I shove a rain jacket between the rails of my saddle as weather dictates.

I also keep an emergency $20 inside the bars behind the plug on some bikes.

most of the tools go in my saddle bag and that goes in my backpack but somehow didnt make it into the picture.

i knew i was forgetting something: tire levers. gotta throw those in there.

also sharpies and small notebook.

the only one who’s doing it right is curiousincident

he probably just put those in there for the picture


wtf is up with all the allen keys?? i smell embellishment…


just realized i have a ton of shit in my bag.[/quote]



just realized i have a ton of shit in my bag.[/quote]

mouth cancer[/quote]