Face's bike dungeon clear out

I got a bunch of bike parts I’ve been holding on to for no reason, this is all good stuff I’ve collected over the years that’s too good to throw out and I don’t want to put the effort into selling it on ebay or Facebook yet.

For round one, just shoot me a low ball ass offer on anything and I’ll probably take it.

More stuff coming soon.

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Damn that’s a lot of parts

Is that a Dino light set up? If so what are the details?

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I’ve got two of those, silver headlight with rectangle tail light, the one in the box is the same and they’re really not that good. I think they were like $20 each or something on ebay. There’s also the little black headlight as well. I got them for a lockup commuter that I decided to not build. $5 each

The dyno hubs are Panasonic, $20 each.

How long is the Nice BMX stem?
Is the 8 speed 13-26 cassette campy?

i assume those sugino ox cranks are >170mm. if they are 170- dibs and let’s talk about it. more to come when the images finish loading in this deadzone

Is the Aliante Regular or Large?

I’ll measure the stem, all cassettes are HG

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Any track bike cranks? I may see one or two?

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Those silver jawns without rings are 144 bcd x 170mm

what are the 35c tanwalls?

What’s that Shimano triple in the same pic with the Sugino OX?

Runny horse bon Jovi, 3 of them, two have dynaplugs in them I think.

105, both this and the sugino come with their own bb.

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What’s the arm length?

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