On my way to the Pedal Mafia Matsuri tarckstanding at a red light in Shibuya (right smack in the middle of trendy Tokyo), 2 tarck bikes ride past me and stop in front (not tarckstanding). A Pista pulls up to my right and tarckstands…
and I fall over clipped in.

Where I live, out of the city, you never see another fixed gear bike when you stop at a light. I lost my zen freaked out being surrounded by unkown tarckbikes at a light.
Country boy failed in the city :colbert:

You’re gonna have to hand in your hipster card for that.

I saw someone do that yesterday. Looked like they were on a tarck group ride - about fifteen of them. One of them went down at the lights. There were some dudes at the bus stop that were doubled over laughing.

It really bummed me out because I have never fell over tarckstanding at a light. All I could do was laugh going down while in my mind I was saying “tiiiiimmmber”.

I pulled up to a light with no intention of tarckstanding, I extended my foot to support myself but somehow it wound up getting twisted and I went down in a heap.

My ladyfriend made me feel better by piling her and her bike on top of me while I leisurely made a cell phone call.

I got blown over by the wind once.

My best story goes like this.
I was out for my third or fourth ride on clipless pedals. Cheapo SPD knock-offs.
I really wasn’t comfortable clipping in and out so I had come up with the great idea of supporting myself with one arm on a street sign at intersections.

I was feeling like the smartest person ever when I came up with my new plan. I pull up to the next stop sign reach out to hold myself up, and find myself staring at the base of the signpost I was planning on supporting my weight on. Missed it by 12" and quit riding clipless for about 3 years after that point.

I was trackstanding at a light the other week when some guy started asking me how I was doing it, at which point I overbalanced and started hopping around so as not to fall. That was a bit embarrassing. That’s as close as I’ve come to falling since the first day I tried to trackstand, where I was strapped in way too tight and couldn’t get either of my feet out until I was on the ground.

i used to do that alot on the new frame, im riding a KHS flite 100 and it has made toe over uber lame… :’(

Toe clips FTW.

I was downtown one Saturday night tarckstanding at a light. There were folks everywhere, and one group of dudes gets it in their heads to start chanting, “hold it, hooooooold it,” at me, so of course I go down.

A while ago I was hanging out with some friends, and enjoyed several brews over the period of an evening. At about 2am I hopped on my trusty steed which I had recently out SPD’s on (my road bike) to head home. I was feeling really good about the ride and felt pretty sober when I started, but by about mile 4 I had become significantly re-buzzed/loopy. I get home, ride around the side of the house to the side garage door and by this time was loopy enough to forget I was in SPD’s and just sort of slowly tip over in the grass. I was pretty winded, kind of thirsty, so I grabbed my water bottle and had a couple swigs and took a bit of a rest. About 10 minutes into laying in my side yard I look up and see my neighbor, a 15 or 16 year old girl whose older brother I went to highschool with, across the back fence is in the kitchen getting a bowl of cereal and has stopped mid milk pour and is watching me with a really puzzled look on her face. I promptly stood up and as unlocked the back door on the 3rd or 4th try and tried to look composed as i wheeled my bike in.

I’ve never fallen over trackstanding at a light but I HAVE fallen over after putting my foot down…twice.

Oh, it was at the same intersection both times as well. Key Bridge and M St NW in DC, right in Georgetown. There are always 50 or more cars lined up to get into or leave Georgetown at that light.