favorite tire size for fixed on the street?

Up until recently I was using 23s, but after a few sidewall blowouts I threw my old 28s Randos on. Those were kinda sluggish.

The last time I got tires (Everwears) I decided to try the 26s. It’s nice to be able to run them a little softer and not worry about every little rut in the road, but next time I think I’ll go with something lighter.

So what’s everyone running? You like em’ skinny or chubby?

I ride 23’s, I think my frame will only hold 25’s though.

23s for me. Although I’m thinking about 25s.

right now i have a 25 rubino in the front and a 26 everwear in the back and feel fine.

i think my new frames only going to have clearance for 23s though

28 in the back
23 in the front

twenty threes. I may get a bigger everwear in the back though.

22s son

21/tubulars/Corsa Evo CXs

A friend of mine runs a 20 on the front of his Pista so he can barspin.

A friend of mine runs a 20 on the front of his Pista so he can barspin.

I used to run 20s because i liked how they handled on clean pavement. Now i almost universally run 23s because they seem the best of both worlds durability and performance wise.

28 speedblends for me.

23, though 23 or 25 doesn’t offer much of a difference in my opinion

17mm out front, 2.175" out back

All this winter, I used 25s and liked it a lot, but now I’m back with 23s on basically everything, although the clearance on the fork of my LeMond is so small that I need to use a 19 up front on that.

25’s, but I’d like to try 28’s. I definitely have the clearance. After turning 2.5" wire bead dual ply’s, anything 700c feels fast… but definitely rough.

Tire Mullet?

I run 32’s, my street fixed is a one-way.

25’s. I can’t tell a difference between it and 23 when both are properly inflated, but the extra 2mm makes me feel a bit more secure.