Felt Breed SS and a bunch of deadend CX wheels

2009ish 53cm Felt Breed single speed. Carbon FSA cranks, Enve fork, Thompson post/stem, WCS ergo bars. Pictured with the stock wheelset, also have a pair of Paul hubs x Reflex tubular wheels that could be part of the deal. Let’s start at $500 shipped con US.

Reynolds Assault carbon tubulars in good shape, HG 11 speed freehub, random sram 11-29 cassette, old but serviceable Tufo Flexus Primus 33’s taped/glued at the beginning of last seasons bone dry race series. Make me an offer +actual shipping.

Not pictured but can post soon…
Hed Belgium tubulars x DT240 hubs, Campy 10 freehub, with pretty worn Tufo Cubus that I can’t recall when they were glued up. $100 + shipping

Major Toms x DT340 hubs, Campy 10 freehub, pretty clean will take little prep befor glue $100 + shipping

Trying to clean out the garage so I’ll add other bits as I run across them.

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Sadly nobody as love for the SSCX, even nicely spec’d felt breeds. Ask me how i know. Your extra wheels are more fancy, though.

I’m hoping some seattle goon will want it come cross season.

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would buy if I didn’t just order a mtb. If this is still around a little closer to CX season I may take you up on it.

Is it 120 or 130?

the dream is dead

It’s not dead in Seattle. Minimum 30 single speeders on every start line. Upwards of 100 in the bigger races.

Unless you mean that the dream is dead for EJ. That’s probably true. He’s only got a geared bike now while I do both master’s and single speed on the same bike.

Good on ya.
I haven’t turned a pedal in anger in years, and Jingle Cross appears to be gone for good.
Not that I wanted to try that course…

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How far do you have to go to do cx races in Seattle? Here it’s like two hours of driving for thirty minutes of racing and for me that’s not even close to worth it.

That was a part of why we stopped racing cross in PA. Most of them were over 2 hours away, and philly people didn’t like crossing the susquehanna, so no races really popped off closer to us. That and we started racing enduro, so had our share of travels through the summer that more travels in the fall for short races didn’t feel like it.
Hoping that some here around Bellingham are fun, and I may buy some old beep boop shifters just to have hydro and ironically mount them to my giant tcx single speed.

Some races are close enough to ride to (2 per season), most races are 30-90 minutes away, depending on traffic.

The “drive an hour to race 30 min” thing is why I usually race two races. Also, if you only go to a cross race for your race(s) and then leave, you’re not getting the most out of it. I think I enjoy hanging out with friends and having a beer in a field more than the actual racing.

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Anybody want those sweet carbon wheels for $200 +ship??

Do you still have those hed/240 wheels?

Yes I do. I can get pictures soonish.