finally got my freightbaggage backpack

i’d say it was probably a 3 month process - good thing i wasn’t in a hurry. plus i am kind of embarrassed to tell people how much i paid, but it is definitely a quality backpack. i got the large, and it is huge! this weekend i did a ~50 mile round trip camping trip with the bag.


How much?

Also, is that an eighth of bud in there?

File comment: outer pocket (the baggie had almonds/chocolate in it, btw

$250 shipped…

sure it did


Yikes. I’m sure it’s a great bag but $250?

Don’t forget the included price of the “almonds/chocolate”

Looks a whole lot like the RE:Load that I got for $50. :bear:

My friend got a freight messenger bag off of ebay for $50 a couple weeks ago, its soo nice. its fucking huge too, but not overly huge. all i remember in the picture is that it could hold 2 large timbuk2 bags. You can really tell its made with quality, but i dont know that one would be worth $250 new…

custom shit is expensive but worth it in my opinion.
me r.e.load was something like $250… but it’s hella custom and gigantic and it was a dope ass christmas present from my family.

I have the same bag but black and with a few add ons. Maybe we could do a team review of them. Freight doesnt have the quickest turn around and can be a little rough in the communication department at times.

yeah, well a single shoulder chrome bag is half that, and i would say half the bag as well. this thing is way better than a single shoulder chrome bag (i’ve used the kremlin and the smaller one), and it is comparable to any other custom bag maker in price (i shopped around quite a bit). sure, i could have got a cheaper bag, but i’m sure it would have been from a factory in china.

oh, and to those that got $50 bags on ebay: you suck. :colbert:

also, that baggie is empty in the photo, but it usually holds almonds and chocolate and gets refilled so i always have a snack with (serious, not that i really care though…).

ive been using a freight backpack for work for close to 4 years. it smells like shit, and its beat to hell, but i keep coming back to it. ive tried pac bags and reload bags, but nothing compares to the backpack.

i will be ordering another freight backpack with some custom dimensions. they are worth every penny for a working messenger or anyone who consistently carries large loads.

backpacks are expensive man.
slings are kinda shitty for your shoulder though…

well if anyone wants a $40 timbuk2 they’re on chainlove right now