Find me a picture of this bike

This custom bike was on Radavist a long time ago

Looked like a size large - 58/59/60

Road bike with fenders

Light blue and white paint (white panel logo?) with (red?) bartape

Top tube slopes up to a long head tube

Slammed stem

There was a lot of mismatched silver and black on the bike

I tried looking but couldn’t find it

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Was it a bike for a really tall person who wanted to slam their stem? I’m dimly recalling this

Maybe? There were lots of criticisms

I remember. Will try to find.

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Holy shit


Oh I forgot that it also had no reach.

I mean to each their own and all, but wow for those dimensions I would have just gotten a smaller stock frame and made a spacer tower.

@chazzwazzer can you link the article? I want to re-read the owner’s thought process, I feel like I have too many IQ points right now and need to chop it down a little.


That was literally a 10 year old post
@chazzwazzer ty 4 bein a nerd


It is bold to call a prolly piece “an article” but e’en so :magic_wand:

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The way I found it is also suitably dumb. I tried searching the names I thought it might have been made by (Hufnagel, Bishop, Ahearne, ?) but the images were broken to a lot of the old posts on his site. So after searching the same names on his Flickr, I simply searched “blue” and it was right there :upside_down_face:

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This and am somad

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tarcklebee google-fu


Incredible - a few months ago I saw a brand new gray yamaguchi rando bike in the lower east side outside of scarr’s pizza. If this belongs to you or someone you know I want to see it again.

Wait what’s wrong with that bike? Reach looks fine. Fit looks aggressive. I know Harry, he’s a nice guy. Still riding bikes a lot.


I like the bike
That’s why I asked for a photo