Find of the year

A week ago a friend gave e a big box of bike parts, lots of decent stuff (campy chainrings, criterium bars, several high end quill stems, about $200 worth of tools) so I was rummaging through it just now to find what parts could be used on my touring bike build. There was a small bag in the bottom of the box that I grabbed out and there it was, the piece I have been searching for for months…
NOS Superbe Pro dust caps

yeah, but what did you have to give him for the box?


A blow job, and putting a fork on his wifes bike. He had already given me the box, I figured I would try and even it up a bit.

You didn’t find any Campagnolo pedal dust caps, did you??

Also, how many Suntour dustcaps? I might be interested in two, if there are any extras.

For a Superbe Pro track crank? Why do you even want dust caps? They’re kind of pointless.

I thought all dust caps were pointless until I dumped my MTB in some mud and completely covered the crank nut. Luckily most of the mud has come out now and I haven’t had to service the BB yet.

I think he’s referring to a hub dustcap?

But since they have a hole they keep water in when it rains and can rust your nuts.

Long shot but I have to ask…
By any chance was there a 26.4mm clamp Cinelli 1A in 110mm???
I need one to replace my 100mm (fingers crossed)