First time at the track

Filled up my bag with tools/shoes/etc and rode out to Keiokaku Velodrome which is a 400m track that is about a 30min ride from my house. This was my first time ever on a track and I had a blast. Rode to the track, rode at the track, and rode back from the track. Feels good, man.

Pay the lady at the table 500yen (roughly $6). Best 500yen I have ever spent.

Pre ride brief. We were split up into groups based on experience.
There were roughly 10+ people in the beginners group that I rode in. The rest were badasses including professional keirin racers.

Kind of last minute decision to go, so all I did was swap out to drops before I left the house, and swapped out to a 15t cog at the track. Rode 45 x 15 at the track. Felt OK…maybe slightly undergeared.
First time my tarck made it out to the track.

Beautiful Kiyo which a guy with stars on his shorts rode.

Serious BS

They had a kids clinic going on with kids on serious (little) bikes.

This is what they called a delney (spelling?). I was able to an interval with this thing leading.

babby bianchi tarck <3


i’m jealous

sup ourys.

i spy ourys


ONLY 6 BUCKS! damn that’s awesome!


Ha. Derney.

I wish I lived that close to a track.

I’m going to try to get to the track tonight on the new bike. It’s only a 10 minute ride and 5 bucks to ride and they even have bikes if you don’t have one.

I went to the track for the first time about a week ago. It was frickin rad. Kissena is free, just went up there with a buddy and did some laps.

I live less than 2 km away from the only proper and usable velodrome in this country and it’s all free since it’s a municipal sports facility. I only wish it’d be shorter, riding a steep 250m track would be so much more rad than the 400m like ours here. :bear:

Jussi I wish it was like that over here. I want to start riding at a track at least once a week but it seems like that is something you can’ t do out here unless you are on a team or something. All these velodromes in Japan but pretty much limited, to no access for the public to ride on.