Fixies for NON-hipsters


I willI started seeing the bro crowd riding second-hand fixed gears about 3 or 4 years ago on UO college campus.

Dead giveaway signs of the elusive ‘bro-hipster’ (bripster?):
-saddle way too low
-pedaling around in flip-flops (usually with socks)
-sagging basketball shorts
-no clear estimates as to how one properly locks a bike.

cool bro story


on sale even

That’s not a fixie. Just saying.

you could get a whole fixed gear Surly for the price of the SimpletOn frame.
Lame: You don’t look quite as crazy when you’re wearing your full length fur coat.
TC: if you look like a hobo, you probably already have a Surly.

Doesn’t even matter bro