"Fixstyle" - innovation or just hipsters hurting themselves

it seems that over the past year or 2 with the insurgence of Bootleg sessions and videos from japan of halfpipe riding on track bikes, this whole “fixstyle” thing as blown up. how many have you have seen a NACCC or Worlds best trick contest? no one lands anything. and the big prize goes to the rider who can actually stick a maneuver such as a 180 or footjam tailwhip. these tricks are pretty much effortless on a bmx. so why is it so cool to do tricks on a bike that is not made for tricks. i mean trackstands are a given considering you can only trackstand on a track bike but it is a little silly to destroy a bike made for the velo trying to do what can be accomplished easier smoother and more precisely on a different bike. comments?

it’s stupid, but i don’t give enough of a fuck to write more than a sentence about it.

edit: but i will give build advice to folks who are hell-bent on breaking their shit.

You can only trackstand on a track bike? That’s weird, I can trackstand on any bike.

cut him some slack. he probably messed in the 90s and is a really strong rider.

Why do you care? Laugh at their shitty tricks and move on.

You can definately trackstand on non-fixed bikes

Somebody make a shop of Muqtada al Sader on a Gangsta Track

why is it cool to ride a track bike on the street which is not made to be ridden on the street?

get off your elitist-as-fuck messenger platform and realize that youre wholly contradicting yourself.

Tricks are 4 fun. Why do people smoke weed? Why do people drink beer? Why do people go clubbin?

and tarck bike now has its very own holier-than-though-im-better-than-you-cause-i-mess member!!!

Keep this shit off the board please. Go to brianforums if you want to discuss old played out topics.

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like jeffrey lewis once said

don’t be upset, it’s only an octopus
don’t bother it and i’m sure it won’t bother us

don’t be upset, don’t be in a bad mood
let’s just go to a show and hang out and feel good

not anymore you can’t. he said you can’t so you can’t. i just tried and did a faceplant on a curb, i’ve lost the ability

not anymore you can’t. he said you can’t so you can’t. i just tried and did a faceplant on a curb, i’ve lost the ability[/quote]

i have a story about that: i was trackstanding on my roadbike. the headset was shot. stem moved, i fell. awesome!