Floyd Landis appreciation thread

A thread that might have had more than one post,

“But it didn’t, so… fuck it.”

I can dig it.


I didn’t know he had a weed business in CO.

I’ma have to try that
[h6](maybe it’ll make me a faster rider?)[/h6]

i love floyd. i hated him in 05/06, but i’m not afraid to say i love him now. it’s so perfect he has a weed business.

Interesting article. And Floyd seems like a cool dude.

Ross Rebagliati (canadian gold medallist from Nagano olympics, tested positive for thc) has a weed business too.

i actually met floyd landis and he did not seem like a cool dude, but this was in like 2009, so he was still in his bitter years, so things may have changed…

I like to think he’s a cool dude, but I’ll probably never know. There is something rare about seeing a public figure be utterly wrong and appear to learn something from it. Or this could be just a PR move to sell cannabis. Seems legit.