I had a pair of Soaps for a while. I hurt myself good.

Why do you wanna make my brain hurt this early in the morning?

“They quickly worked to customize a simple shoe that had a grind plate embedded in the sole; it was an average Nike, fitted for sliding. Morris immediately tested it upon completion, fell on his rear, and contacted his patent attorney.”

soaps were the shit. you were a nobody in seventh grade if you didn’t have em.

I don’t even know what to say

I used to rock soaps and heelys.

FMX is an extreme sport, derived from and similar to BMX. The pivotal difference between the two is that FMX is performed without the use of a BMX bike.

Heelies rock ass!!

I don’t know where you went to seventh grade, but if I saw someone “extreme walking” when I was that age, I would have laughed my ass off at them.

I want a pair.

Reminds me of this: ... re=related

soap shoes are one of the wackest inventions ever.

Reminds me of this: ... re=related[/quote]

which reminded me of this:

also… foot motorcross. wow. and i thought bike motocross was a weird term.

This is nonsense.

sup ladies

this shit rules

Actually, the opposite. And it was like 11th grade for me. Same with Heely’s. What a couple of dumb ideas.