Foot Fetish Winter Edition aka get me into WP shoes

OK so recommend to me some winter shoes. Mountain SPD.

Need waterproof or highly water resistant, including through the cleat hole. Insulation not critical, this is for Seattle so think 40° and wet.

Edit: If you post your comments about a specific shoe I will update my posts to include so I can try to keep track.

Edit again: Adding relevant reviews as I come across them on the web. Trying to stick to shoes available now, either new retail or discontinued but still available off ebay or amazon or whatever.



In awesome beautiful Pittsburgh winters I never even looked at overshoes. For commuting or mountain biking it’s winter shoes or GTFO. Maybe too bulky for fast road-type riding but that’s not my jam anyway.

I have a pair of the Mavic boots and they are super warm (fat sock is good down to about zero) and priced competitively. Just be sure to try them on with big socks. My xc Mavic shoes are 45 and the boots are 48.[/quote]


[quote=Andrew_Squirrel][quote=Bahamontes][quote=Andrew_Squirrel]I keep forgetting to pick up some cleats for these guys. Excited to try them this fall/winter.
Kinda bummed there isn’t buckles and I need to adjust to slow lace-up life but I will survive.
Will review soon.

Ride em yet?[/quote]

Commuted on them Friday, not really rainy or cold. They seemed to be pretty hot for 40-50 deg F riding but not as bad as I was expecting, very bearable.

The next day I wore them for the weekend camping trip and they worked amaaaaaazing for that. I could not think of more appropriate footwear for stomping around in the damp woods, the wet Puget Sound beaches then a long ride back. There was even a downpour at the end of the ride but my feet were warm and relatively dry (see: sweat).

The boot is really well constructed and fits me great (sized up by 1/2 since no 0.5 sizes). It doesn’t really feel too “booty” when your cycling and doesn’t impede on your ankle movement.

My one worry is during downpours if you have you pant leg rolled you might want some low ankle high gaiters since the top of the boot where you foot enters kinda opens up like a thirsty flower with lots of exposed padding.

The cleat position is great and they even captured the cleat plate between the sole and another layer inside the boot. It appears they are separated with a barrier but I’m not sure if it is a waterproof barrier. I didn’t feel any water being sucked up through the cleat hole but I should do an experiment at home with some water in a tray to simulate a puddle.

The Boot walks well as expected. When standing on flat ground it seems like the boot might have benefited from a slightly taller heel but when you start to walk you don’t notice it. Also the sole curves in such a way that you get a satisfying roll from heel to toe through the step, this removes all the clunky feeling I usually get from walking around in my hiking boots.

Overall, two thumbs up so far.[/quote]



Yes. I pretty much wear my Northwaves from Dec to April. I’m not training, but I spend plenty of 10+ hour days in the saddle in <40 degrees with rain as well as sub-zero weather. They have a standard 3-bolt cleat attachment.[/quote]

Gran Canion


Celsius/Celsius Artic

Artic Commuter

Extreme GTX

[quote=Brian W.]So i just got my first pair of winter riding shoes… WTF have i been doing with these shoe covers and frozen toes the past few years? Ponyed up for some Northwave Extreme Winter GTX. Sizing we guesses to be spot on as they run big and the fit is awesome. They are super comfy and I’ve ridden in 30 degree weather on the trails the past 2 days I’ve had them with no complaints what so ever. Wet, cold, muddy, they are handling it and keeping my feet dry and warm.
Highly recommend(though only have about 4 hours and 35 miles on them if that). Will check back with more miles in the dirt and the road(i use the same shoes for all bikes)[/quote]

Ha ha, no.


Whatever you do don’t get SIDI “winter” boots. They are completely ineffective in keeping out water/keeping your feet reasonably warm. I have a virtually new set sitting in the closet that I only wore a few times because they suck.[/quote]
Diablo GTX

Breeze Rain (These seem like not breathable -only wp?)

X-Alp from a couple of years ago?



Shimano MW whatever… used the previous gen ones for a couple years before the emergency room doc cut them off my foot. They kicked ass. I have fondled the current versions and if anything they just seem to be made more durable. I still have the road ones from the previous gen and they are also pretty boss. Fit is typical shimano. A little wider than the euros but not too wide in the heel. Upper has enough room to handle a high instep or arch but also tightens down well. Will probably replace the Nortwaves I foolishly bought soon.[/quote]

Got these. Can’t speak to durability cos first season but fit and function are tops.[/quote]

Scott MTB Heater Gore-Tex®-Shoe/

Scott Trail Evo Gore-Tex®-Shoe/


[quote=that guy][quote=Lowrey’sOrgan]

DQ: recommend me winter shoes for wide feets [/quote]

Look into Vittoria. They do three widths, two volumes, and will match any upper to any sole in the lineup if you ask nicely. They have a winter boot too, though I’ve not tried it.[/quote]

Still need to add:
Pearl Izumi (Barrier GTX?)
Louis Garneau
Bontrager (?)

Defroster Trail

[quote=Rusty Piton]I now have a pair of old defroster a that don’t quite fit me and a pair of non-SPD wolvehammer (wtf why do these even exist) that I bought accidentally. I’ll send either of those out for el cheapo.
I have a pair of last years defrosters that are awesome.[/quote]

[quote=Rusty Piton]I just pulled out the old defrosters to compair. Kinda lulzy how much bigger and better the newer ones are.


The fit of specialized has never hit me right but we sell lots of them and guys like them fwiw.[/quote]

Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX
(not on their site but still available a few places I think)

Diadora Polarex Plus

Thanks, JimmyFly! This is relevant to my interests.

FWIW co worker bro dealed a set of louis garneau ones and is not impressed, he says they’re useless at keeping his feet warm at or below freezing.


I wish I was buying some Alpineduros this year. Would be awesome right now. Unfortunately I think we’re moving someplace warmer next year so I’m trying to avoid spending too much on pure winter gear.



[quote=Endpoint]The following is based on first hand experience:
The Fasterkatts have some sizing issues so try before you buy for sure. Also the outer layer is smaller than the inner shoe so bros with tall insteps are gonna have problems. It’s a low volume shoe vertically but pretty average width/length.



Can anyone confirm if these are actually any good at keeping water out? Lake doesn’t actually say “waterproof” anywhere -just “extremely water resistant”. They also list the wp fabrics in the “Upper:” description, not the “lining” which is suspicious and makes me think water can still get in through the sole. I can respect that, but I want to know if they are just being cautious, or if they are for example made of wp materials but then stitched and not seam-sealed or what?

The MX105 looks very much like what I am after, assuming it would fit and is actually waterproof.




I have the Northwave Celsius Arctic. They work.