For the man who has everything...

The saddle should be made of steel.

Oh my…

The anti-vegan bike.


its like a fucking scrotum turned into a bike

My scrotum definitely doesn’t look like either of those leathers.

Where’s sp00ki when we need him?

maybe you’re just weird.

'cause mine definitely does.

So tasteless.

1st wet ride and that puppy’s done.

edit: thats what she said

What else would you do with the skin left over after you peel your jar of dicks?

worst part is it has a backwards half link chain.

It’d be cool to have something like that, but only on the toptube. Wait…

i’d ride that seatpost…

leather lugs for the win!

i like the ostrich saddle

How did this even happen?

id fry it up

Needs stupid bullhorns made from a bull’s horns. Also, a cow skull.

is is possible to punch a bike in the dick? or can you only punch the person that built the bike in the dick?

Not to be a stickler, but I already posted this bike in the ‘huh, not sure’ thread.