found bike

okay so earlier today i stumbled across an abandoned frame and wheelset. i picked them up tonight and left a note with my e-mail on how to contact me if someone for some reason retardedly left their bike shit in a pile, unlocked, in a parking lot all day. but it looks like i got a free frame and wheelset, which is exactly what i needed because i’ve been wanting to build a beater bike to get experience (in case you folks didn’t notice, i hardly know anything about bikes and just hang around posting weird stories about my childhood)

the wheels: may be kinda fucked up. one’s got a broken spoke, but the rims look okay. maybe somebody stepped on it when it was sitting on the ground. might be salvageable, but they’re 27"s so i suspect they’ve seen their heyday come and go. no freewheel on the back, homeboys.
frame: i identified it by serial and it’s a 1977 nishiki “carrera” (? i can find almost no information on this frame), manufactured by kawamura in japan, assembled by shield in canada. toshiba 555 tubing? front brake included, back brake stripped off. cottered SR cranks no thanks, original fork, original stem.
i suspect the owner stripped off all the parts that they wanted and put them on the bianchi that was chained up next to it. i don’t know if they got into an accident with it, fucked something up and bought a new bike, or just decided to “upgrade”.
the thing is, my bikes have been pretty nice to me in the past, and i’ve never fucked up a frame, so i actually don’t really know if there’s anything beyond like, cracks, that i should be looking for in terms of whether a frame is damaged. any advice here?

edit: the axle on the rear wheel is bent!
edit 2: i’ve been calling it “nikishi” for years.

where was it?

greenville ave?

it was in dallas, silly

richardson, actually. UT dallas.


utdallas sux.
i never saw a decent bike while I was there, hah.

I’d say that barring any glaringly obvious problems, the frame is probably fine to ride. Old steel is nearly indestructable. Take those wheels and throw them off the nearest bridge though.


there are like 2 good bikes on campus now.
yeah, the rear wheel is toast. the front seems okay but why would i buy another 27"?
pics later

I just recently got a nishiki touring bike from the 80’s era with 27" wheels.
I dont mind em, it’s a weird difference hopping onto that thing after riding my bareknuckle. like riding a cloud


been doing some research on costs associated with building this thing up again and it here’s one thing i know nothing about at all:
seat posts. there’s a huge variation in price that i don’t know what to make of. given that i’m building up a frame i found on the ground and i’m poor as fuck, i’m inclined towards the sort of “cheapest thing which will not kill me” scenario. any suggestions as to about how much i should be spending on a seat post?


Yea just get the standard Kalloy one.

I’d ride that thing.
I’d ditch the cottereds though especially if I was gonna ride it fixed.
Partsbin cranks = 25bux

that’s exactly what i was hoping you’d say

and yeah, the cranks are going.

The old rusty would make a mean comment here…